Pink preparing daughter Willow 'for the real world' after ‘painful’ relationship with her parents

1 March 2023, 14:41 | Updated: 2 March 2023, 17:53

P!nk opens up about life, love and music with Mark Wright in Authentically P!nk

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

P!nk told Heart's Mark Wright she’s not trying to be 11-year-old daughter Willow’s best friend.

P!nk has opened up about her relationship with her daughter Willow after having a turbulent childhood with her own parents.

The star sat down with Heart’s very own Mark Wright to talk all about the inspiration behind her new album Trustfall in our feature Authentically P!nk.

And talk soon turned to her role as a mother to 11-year-old daughter Willow and eight-year-old son Jameson, who she shares with husband Carey Hart.

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“I’m a tough mumma,” she told Mark, continuing: “Willow's my soul child, but I’m not in this game to have a bestie.

P!nk has opened up about parenting in Authentically P!nk
P!nk has opened up about parenting in Authentically P!nk. Picture: Global

“I’m in this game to love her so hard but make sure that she’s not a d*** and that she’s going to be okay.”

In the powerful chat, P!nk went on to talk about her own relationship with her parents and how it inspired her song Family Portrait.

Recalling a moment when the song was released back in 2001, the star said fan once approached her and said the lyrics helped her reunite with her mum after a family fall out.

She said: “I’m thinking man ‘if I would have had a song to bring me and my mum back together’, I didn’t have that song at the appropriate time but what a gift.”

P!nk added: “I think that song also helped my family, it was very uncomfortable at first, it was a rough four days when I first played that song to them.”

Family Portrait is a very personal song which P!nk wrote when she was nine-years-old and tells the story of when her dad left her mum.

“I used to get emotional singing it,” she said, continuing: “I’m okay with it now though, I realise it’s part of the story and its an important part of the story.

"There’s a moment in your lives when your parents fall from that god place and they become humans and that's a really painful time in life to realise your parents are human and flawed.

Watch Authentically P!nk on Global Player now
Watch Authentically P!nk on Global Player now. Picture: Global

“And then you go through the forgiving process and then you become their parents and that's no fun.”

P!nk's father, Jim Moore, sadly passed away in August 2021 after a battle with prostate cancer.

Explaining how these experiences have impacted her own parenting style, she later told Mark she wants to ‘prepare her kids for the real world’.

“I try to walk a very fine line of ‘I need to prepare you for the world’ and ‘I want you to have a childhood’,” she said.

“I want you to have joy and not have bad dreams at night and it's a very fine line right now in the world.”

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