Tim Healy furious at ex Denise Welch for mentioning casual sex 'in bike sheds' when married

12 August 2020, 19:06

Tim and Denise were married for years
Tim and Denise were married for years. Picture: PA

The actor has spoken out about some private details that Denise has shared.

Tim Healy isn't happy with ex-wife Denise Welch and has lashed out at her for talking about having casual sex "behind the bike sheds" while they were married.

The actor, 68, spoke out after Denise's recent rant about a throwback clip being aired on Loose Women in which she claimed sexual cheating wasn't as bad as emotional infidelity.

The pair in happier times
The pair in happier times. Picture: PA

In an angry tweet that has since been deleted, Tim wrote: "Just watched yesterday's loose Women.

"Denise in her day was talking about how it was ok to have casual sex behind the bike shed even though married. 

"Day after day year on year she discussed our private life.

"Long suffering Tim Healy I am no more xx."

Tim's now-deleted tweet
Tim's now-deleted tweet. Picture: Twitter

On the Loose Women episode, which aired earlier this week, Denise admitted that she was in a dark place when she said she could forgive a partner for cheating.

She said: "My husband and I both agree we held on far too long and we were making each other miserable and thankfully we've now got a great friendship.  

"I genuinely used to think that being unfaithful wasn't the worst thing you could do in a relationship. There were infidelities on both sides... which you girls know about.

"I didn't use to think that there was anyone I could meet that would give me everything and stop me wanting to cheat, I really didn't... and then I met Lincoln and we took alcohol out of our lives. 

"Drink and drugs ruin your moral compass... basically you don't have one and I realise that now."

Denise Welch mum dancing in Next!

She continued: "I now have a husband I trust 100%. It would kill me if I even saw any text messages.

"I can still appreciate people's attractiveness but I have found a man I love and he does me and I am a completely different person now."

Her comments clearly didn't go down well with her ex who she shares two songs with - 1975 frontman Matt and actor Louis.Denise and Tim were married between 1988 and 2012.

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