Will there be another series of Unforgotten?

22 February 2021, 18:00

There has been no confirmation on a new series of Unforgotten
There has been no confirmation on a new series of Unforgotten. Picture: ITV

Is this the last season of Unforgotten or will there be another? Here's what we know...

Unforgotten is back for a third series this Spring, with detectives Cassie Stuart and Sunil 'Sunny' Khan (played by Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar) returning once more.

The popular ITV crime series began filming in January 2020, however production had to be suspended in March as a result of the lockdown prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cast got back on set in September so they could eventually finish filming.

But as we sit down to watch all the drama unfold, will there be another series of Unforgotten? Here’s what we know…

Unforgotten series 4 is airing on ITV this February
Unforgotten series 4 is airing on ITV this February. Picture: ITV

Will there be another series of Unforgotten?

ITV has not yet announced whether there will be a fifth series of Unforgotten.

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We expect a decision will be made after the fourth season has finished airing.

The first season of the crime drama initially aired on ITV on 8 October 2015, while series two was broadcast in 2017 and series 3 in 2018.

Things are looking a little different this time around, as there were strict social distancing measures in place.

Actor Sanjeev Bhaskar admitted he was ‘reassured’ by the amount of preparation that went into filming the show.

"It was incredibly reassuring, with us being tested and then put into mini-bubbles," he said.

"You had to have your temperature checked before you came onto set, the set was marked out in zones and only certain people could be in certain zones, so it was all very comforting.

"Once you got into the scenes it felt like it did before but it was very strange to begin with. Also, actors are very tactile so it was weird not to be able to shake hands or hug anyone, that was probably the biggest challenge. It was strange, but it was lovely to be back.

"Everyone was responsible when it came to following the rules. It doesn’t need to be terrible and we all knew why we were doing it. Within that as well people have different family setups, some people are looking after vulnerable people and some have kids so it was a good, clear set of rules and that was reassuring. We felt very lucky we got to go back at all – we all counted our blessings.”

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