Below Deck Mediterranean: Who is Julia d'Albert Pusey's boyfriend and are they still together?

22 February 2021, 18:00

Julia d'Albert Pusey joined the Below Deck Med cast in 2016
Julia d'Albert Pusey joined the Below Deck Med cast in 2016. Picture: Instagram/Bravo

Is Below Deck Med's Julia still with her boyfriend? Here's what you need to know...

Below Deck Med is here to cure your boredom over lockdown.

Season one of the US show was originally filmed for Bravo back in 2016, but E4 is now airing the drama for our viewing pleasure.

Fans of the series will have already been introduced to stewardess Julia d'Albert Pusey who travelled all the way from the UK to kick start her yachtie career on Ionian Princess.

But she didn’t exactly have a smooth ride on the show, especially when her friendship with deckhand Bobby Giancola threatened her relationship back home.

Below Deck Med star Julia and her boyfriend Matty are now married
Below Deck Med star Julia and her boyfriend Matty are now married. Picture: Instagram

So who is Julia’s boyfriend and are they still together?

Is Julia d'Albert Pusey still with her boyfriend?

Julia started the Below Deck season loved up with her boyfriend Matty Johnson.

Despite deckhand Bobby Giancola trying his hardest to win her over, Julia quickly set the record straight and confirmed she only had eyes for her man.

And it looks like their relationship has stood the test of time, as five years later the pair are now married.

After moving in together straight after the show and adopting their very own puppy, the couple tied the knot in West Yorkshire in December 2018.

Julia has previously revealed what Matty thought about Bobby’s advances while she was on the show.

"It annoyed Matty that Bobby wasn't giving up and found that extremely disrespectful,” she said.

“Matty didn’t understand why I was giving Bobby the time of day, but it's hard when you're on a 50-meter yacht in the middle of the sea and you get along with someone, but in their head they are thinking it’s something more."

She added: "He didn't think anything of 'how we got on' as Matty knows me through and through and my personality, he has warned me in the past that I'm naïve to people’s advances.

“Let’s say I learned my lesson the hard way!"

Julia shared a sweet message to her husband on their second wedding anniversary last year, writing: “Butter fingers deleted this picture by accident...gutted! 🤦🏻‍♀️

“It’s our 2nd year wedding anniversary 💒 I have the biggest smile ever!! 😆 8th December 2018 💍”