Where is Big Brother's 'Nasty' Nick Bateman now?

14 June 2020, 19:00 | Updated: 14 June 2020, 19:01

Where is Nasty Nick Bateman from Big Brother now?
Where is Nasty Nick Bateman from Big Brother now? Picture: PA Images/Getty Images/Twitter

What happened to Big Brother's Nasty Nick and where is he now? Here's what we know...

True Big Brother fans will most likely remember Big Brother ‘villain’ Nick Bateman, or Nasty Nick as he was more commonly known.

But as we look back at some classic episodes of the reality show, whatever happened to housemate and was he removed from the Big Brother house? Here’s what we know…

Who is Big Brother’s Nasty Nick?

Nick Bateman is a 52-year-old TV personality who was born in Burlington.

Before landing a place on the first Big Brother back in 2000, Nick worked as a city trader for Willis Group Holdings.

During his time in the house, the reality star was labelled ‘Nasty Nick’ after it emerged he had been manipulating flatmates and playing them against each other.

'Nasty Nick' appeared on Big Brother in 2000
'Nasty Nick' appeared on Big Brother in 2000. Picture: Getty Images

While he never received a single eviction nomination, producers cottoned onto Nick’s plan and tipped off his housemates as to what was going on.

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He was finally exposed by eventual winner Craig who confronted him on behalf of the group on day 35.

The episode drew in 6million viewers, with Craig announcing: “Basically, I have to say it Nick, I am very disappointed in yourself.

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“I not only feel but am quite positive and have got evidence that you’re plotting a very dirty plan on everyone in here.”

As instructing nominations is against Big Brother rules, Nick was removed from the house.

Where is Nasty Nick Bateman now?

After appearing on Big Brother, Nick went on to make a string of TV appearances on shows such as GMTV, Through The Keyhole and Big Brother’s Bit On The Side.

He also wrote columns for publications such as Cosmopolitan, The Guardian and The Independent and published his own book called Nasty Nick: How To Be A Right B****** in 2001.

Despite his reputation, Nick took part in Ultimate Big Brother back in 2010 where he came 5th place, losing out to Brian Dowling.

After the media storm, Nick moved to the other side of the world in 2013 and currently lives in Sydney as a freelance writer.

He regularly shares photos on Twitter of beautiful beaches Down Under and describes him as a “Writer, Actor, Social Media Commentator.”

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