When is Cheat on ITV tonight, who's in the cast and what's the drama about?

11 March 2019, 16:28 | Updated: 11 March 2019, 16:36

Cheat starts on ITV tonight
Cheat starts on ITV tonight. Picture: ITV

ITV's latest drama Cheat: when is it on, who is in the cast and how can you watch it?

Cheat, a new psychological thriller drama coming to ITV tonight, tells the story of the strained relationship between a university professor and her student after she accuses her of plagiarising her work.

When is Cheat on ITV? How can I watch it?

Cheat is a four-part series that starts on ITV tonight at 9PM - and continues on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week at the same time.

What is Cheat about?

A university professor, Leah, accuses one of her students, Rose, of cheating in her course work. This triggers a “devastating sequence of events that threaten to engulf them both”.

Molly Windsor also starred in Three Girls
Molly Windsor also starred in Three Girls. Picture: ITV

The new drama is said to “keep audiences guessing from the start” as it explores “just how far we’re prepared to stand up for what we believe, and at what cost.”

Director Louise Hooper said at a screening: “We wanted to make sure that it was cat and cat the whole time, not cat and mouse,” director Louise Hooper said at a screening in London.

And Molly Windsor added: “I think at the start, both characters underestimate each other, and think that they’ve worked out the other one."

Who is in the Cheat cast? What else is Katherine Kelly and Molly Windsor in?

Katherine Kelly and Molly Windsor star as Leah and Rose respectively.

You may recognise Katherine from Coronation Street, and Molly from Three Girls.

Cheat trailer:

Watch the full trailer in the clip below:

Where is Cheat set?

Cheat was filmed in Cambridge in the summer of 2018.

Director Louise Hooper said of the location: “We wanted to not have a Scandi-noir or a dark noir. What we wanted to do is have this hot, lovely summer.

“I like that idea of being slightly counterintuitive with the thriller, so it feels hot and hazy and there’s lovely lazy days – but actually the underbelly of it is completely dark and dangerous, because of all the horrible emotions that are bubbling there.”