Coronation Street star Enid Dunn left in tears after Aldi shopper's act of kindness

16 August 2021, 15:53

Corrie star Enid Dunn said she was 'brought to tears'
Corrie star Enid Dunn said she was 'brought to tears'. Picture: ITV/Alamy

Corrie actress Enid Dunn has thanked a shopper in Aldi after they returned her purse.

Coronation Street star Enid Dunn was brought to tears after she lost her purse and an Aldi customer returned it.

The actress - who played Maureen Rothwell in the ITV soap - was left shaken after she misplaced her purse during a shopping trip.

After retracing her steps, she found out a fellow shopper had given her belongings in to the staff at an Aldi store in Rawtenstall.

Enid Dunn is the mother of Anthony Cotton
Enid Dunn is the mother of Anthony Cotton. Picture: Shutterstock

As reported by the Manchester Evening News, Enid wrote on Facebook: “A big thank you to the person who handed in my purse at Aldi in Rawtenstall this afternoon. I had foolishly left it on the packing station.

“I’ve no idea who it was who handed it in but I’m eternally grateful.”

The 77-year-old said she was left in a ‘panic’ as the purse contained a very personal keepsake from her mother.

“It’s not about the money but my whole life is in it," she said, continuing: "Bus pass driving licence, bank cards.

“I even had a note from my mum which is a keepsake that I’ve had for 45 years.”

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She later told Manchester Evening News: “I started to cry when they handed me my purse.

“Glad I wore my mask as I must have looked a sight.”

As well as being an actress, Enid is the mum of fellow Corrie star Antony Cotton, who has played Sean Tully since 2003.

Enid has also starred in shows such as Shameless, No Offence and Bancroft, as well as Cutting It, where she played Betty Pargetter between 2002 and 2005.

She has also starred on Coronation Street four times, first playing Joan Lawson in 2002.

She appeared again four years later in 2006, where she played a character credited as ‘Old Crone’.

In 2011, she popped up again and bumped into murderer John Stape in a lift, before appearing for a final time in 2014 as a bingo player called Maureen Rothwell.