Lucy Fallon reveals why she's leaving Coronation Street and what's she's doing next

4 March 2020, 14:34

Corrie star Lucy Fallon plays Bethany Platt on the soap and will end her role as the character on Wednesday March 4th 2020.

Lucy Fallon will depart her role as Bethany Platt on tonight's Coronation Street and was interviewed earlier today on This Morning about it.

The 24-year-old spoke to Holly and Phil ahead of the episode being aired and spoke about how emotional she felt leaving the show as it was her first "proper job".

Bethany Platt is leaving Weatherfield for the forseeable
Bethany Platt is leaving Weatherfield for the forseeable. Picture: ITV

Lucy explained to the hosts: "I quit Corrie cause it was now or never, it was my first job from sixth form!"

The blonde beauty told them how she wanted to take the jump and try out some different things, and that this felt like the right time to do so.

Although she coyly added: "It might not work out, I might not work again!"

The soap star was then further questioned by Phil, who asked about how she handed in her notice and put all of the power in the production team's hands to write her out of the show.

He joked that she could've been killed off by being "hit by a crane", to which Lucy replied: "I was ok with that, it was my decision to leave but I am glad i wasn't hit by a crane!"

Bethany Platt, Lucy's character has been written out the script as she's heading from the north to London to undergo an internship and for work purposes, so it doesn't mean she's necessarily gone for good.

She admitted it was nice that they wanted to "keep the door open" for her.

She continued: "The whole day when we were filming [my final scenes] I was crying all day, it was pathetic."

"I am gonna miss everyone, all the cast and crew, I'm sure you relate here [with the crew of This Morning] it's like a family!"

For the final day, she had some visitors on-set, explaining: "My family came down and my boyfriend, but my mum wasn't very happy when I said I wanted to leave.

"As a mum she worries about me, that I might not get another job and have that stability".

Lucy was also sporting longer, different hair, and admitted it was strange being able to change up her look, as during her time on the show she wasn't allowed to make any drastic changes to her look for her character's continuity.

Speaking about the future, Lucy explained: "I'm auditioning at the moment for different tings and I'm open to anything really, theatre, TV, film...It's exciting".