Coronation Street’s new Todd Grimshaw doesn't want to 'impersonate' axed Bruno Langley

7 October 2020, 14:07

Gareth Pierce is starring as Todd Grimshaw in Coronation Street
Gareth Pierce is starring as Todd Grimshaw in Coronation Street. Picture: ITV/Shutterstock

Gareth Pierce has explained why he hasn't watched old episodes of Corrie.

Todd Grimshaw makes his Coronation Street comeback this week after three years away from the cobbles, but he’s played by a brand new actor.

Gareth Pierce took over the role after Bruno Langley was axed for assaulting two women in a nightclub in Manchester in 2017.

And now Gareth has said he doesn't want to study Bruno too much on the soap, because he wants to put his own spin on the character.

Speaking to the Mirror, Gareth admitted that he had watched old episodes before his audition, but hasn’t watched any since.

Gareth Pierce has replaced Bruno Langley as Todd Grimshaw
Gareth Pierce has replaced Bruno Langley as Todd Grimshaw. Picture: ITV

He said: "I wanted to drill down to what those core characteristics of Todd were.

"There's a sense of him being a bit of a chameleon. Also that sarcasm, that dry wit and that humour and there's still the sense of a little boy who can kind of get away with it.

"Since finding out the part is mine and I'm playing it I'm not watching them."

"It's about taking Todd forward and [...] making him unique. I don't want to be drawn into impersonation.”

Speaking about the pressure on taking on the role following Bruno's sacking in 2017, the actor added: "I can see why it might be daunting but I tried to flip that into a great advantage."

This comes after it was revealed ITV bosses have replaced all the old snaps of Todd with images of Gareth.

Using photo editing software, Gareth's childhood images have been superimposed onto photos of Todd and his on-screen brother Ryan Thomas.

Gareth told Sun Online: "The on set family photos in the Grimshaws – all the Todd ones are from my childhood but mixed in with Ryan’s as Jason.

“So it oddly feels there’s brotherly connection even though we haven’t met.“

Back in 2017, Bruno pleaded guilty to two charges of assault and received a 12-month community order, a curfew and had to wear an electronic tag.

Bruno Langley played Todd Grimshaw for 16 years
Bruno Langley played Todd Grimshaw for 16 years. Picture: Shutterstock

He also had to pay compensation to his two victims.

In August 2019 , Bruno said he had spent the last two years ‘taking some time out’.

He tweeted: “I have been taking some time out these last two years or so to catch my breath, reassess what is important to me, and to make myself a better person. I understand some people will want to say negative things and that is fine, I can take it.

“But I have been shown so much support and love by so many people, be it friends, family, or strangers I meet, and I want to thank you from my heart for being so amazing and compassionate towards me. I hope everyone is healthy and happy. All my very best.. Bruno xx”