Coronation Street spoilers: Sinead Tinker says final goodbye to family as she dies in devastating scenes

15 October 2019, 07:48 | Updated: 15 October 2019, 07:53

Sinead's last scenes are set to be emotional
Sinead's last scenes are set to be emotional. Picture: ITV
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Corrie favourite Sinead Tinker will lose her cancer battle in harrowing scenes set to air next week.

It’s been a very tough few weeks on Coronation Street as Sinead Tinker struggles to come to terms with her terminal cancer diagnosis. 

But as the fan favourite - played by Katie McGlynn, 26, - takes a turn for the worse, she will pass away surrounded by her nearest and dearest. 

In two extra special episodes airing on October 24 and 25, viewers will see Sinead say an emotional goodbye to her loved ones including her mum and husband Daniel (Rob Mallard).

Getting weaker and weaker, the young woman will be unable to get out of bed as a devastated Daniel sits by her side.

Sinead is forced to say goodbye to husband Rob
Sinead is forced to say goodbye to husband Rob. Picture: ITV

After discovering he kissed Bethany during a drunken evening, Sinead manages to forgive her husband and hugs him before they discuss the family they could have had. 

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In another poignant scene, Sinead records an emotional monologue to her son Bertie for when he’s older to make sure he’s reminded of her face.

When it’s just Daniel left by her bedside, she makes him promise not to go off the rails for her son’s sake before telling him to go and bathe Bertie before bedtime. 

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Daniel then reads Bertie a story, as Sinead dies quietly in their home.

Following the emotional scenes, Corrie bosses revealed filming inside the one set actually took two weeks.

Explaining he didn’t want Sinead’s death to be "quick", writer Iain MacLeod said: "It felt like the respectful way of doing it, the most interesting way of doing it and the least "soapy" way of doing it was just to be in there and see the difficulties, really.

"Experience the moments of laughter, the moments of warmth and let it tell its own story and take its own time."

He then added: "So yeah, it was a conscious decision not to fast forward that. I also feel like after you've told a story for two years, 18 months, it would be remiss to gallop through the end, actually.

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"I think we're a bit immune to the realities [of death] and a bit scared of looking at it."

After watching the episodes for the first time, actress Katie also said it took an emotional toll on her.

"It is sad because we've developed the character for six and a half years and I feel like I know her and she's gone now," she said. 

"So watching her final days - it doesn't feel like I'm watching myself, it feels like I'm watching her.

"It's really sad, I feel like someone's died."

Sinead's final scenes air for half an hour on Thursday 24 October and for an hour on Friday 25 October.