Who is Roy’s niece Nina in Coronation Street? And what do we know about actress Mollie Gallagher?

7 May 2020, 15:02

Coronation Street's Nina is played by Molly Gallagher
Coronation Street's Nina is played by Molly Gallagher. Picture: ITV

Who is gothic teenager Nina in Corrie? And what how old is Mollie Gallagher? Find out everything...

Coronation Street legend Roy Cropper has been looking after Nina after her dad Richard’s death.

But who is the teenager and who plays her in Corrie? Find out everything…

Who is Nina in Coronation Street?

Nina is Roy Cropper’s long lost niece.

Late last year, Corrie fans will remember Roy tracked down his estranged brother Richard Lucas. From this, he was also introduced to Richard’s gothic daughter Nina.

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Roy soon found out that teenager Nina was caring for her terminally ill dad, and agreed to look after his niece when his brother passed away.

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But grieving Nina was left furious when Roy left her dad alone without a carer and he died.

Speaking of Roy's relationship with Nina, actor David Neilson previously said: “Roy is a very responsible person and he has been landed with this situation where he has promised his brother he will be there for Nina. Once you ask Roy something like that he knows has got to do it and there is no way he can’t do it.

Nina is Roy Cropper's niece on Coronation Street
Nina is Roy Cropper's niece on Coronation Street. Picture: ITV

“He wouldn’t necessarily have chosen to take on that responsibility but he doesn’t shy away from it once he has given his word. He’s not a do gooder, he can be quite selfish but he has been stuck with this rather angry young girl and he is going to do his best.

“Out of that will come a really good relationship – she is a nightmare and she is costing him a fortune as he is also trying to pay Richard’s bills, finding that ring is one of the worst things he ever did! But the relationship with Nina could be one of the best things for him going forward.”

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Who plays Nina in Coronation Street and how old is she?

Nina is played by 21-year-old Mollie Gallagher.

The actress was born in Manchester and this is her first TV role.

When she joined the ITV soap in November 2019, Mollie said in a statement: "I am absolutely delighted to be in Coronation Street.

"I grew up watching the show and it is surreal to be on the set working alongside such incredible actors as David Neilson and Alison King.

"Nina is a really interesting character, she is a bit of an outsider and although she is reluctant to let Roy into her life she soon realises they have more in common than she first thought."

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