First Downton Abbey 2 trailer teases Violet Crawley's mysterious past

16 November 2021, 12:26 | Updated: 16 November 2021, 12:28

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Downton Abbey has shared the official trailer for sequel movie, and fans are very excited.

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It’s finally here, the new Downton Abbey 2 trailer has been teased ahead of the film's release next year.

The sequel to the first film - which was released back in 2019 - has been titled Downton Abbey: A New Era and seems to focus on Violet Crawley.

In the trailer, we see Violet, played by Dame Maggie Smith, explaining: “Years ago…before you were born, I met a man.”

Downton Abbey is back for a second film
Downton Abbey is back for a second film. Picture: Focus Features

She then adds: “And now, I’ve come into possession of a villa in the south of France.”

And it seems as though the Crawleys are headed for France for an exotic getaway to try out the villa.

There are also plenty of new arrivals spotted in the clip, as well as Tom Branson’s second wedding after the tragic death of Sybil.

Fans of the show will also find out lots more about Violet, who has previously kept her past a secret up until now.

She is heard saying: “And with that I will say goodnight, and leave you to discuss my mysterious past.”

Hugh Bonneville is back on Downton Abbey
Hugh Bonneville is back on Downton Abbey. Picture: Focus features

The rest of the cast of Downton are back, including Hugh Bonneville as Lord Grantham, Jim Carter as Mr Carson and Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley.

While newcomers Hugh Dancy, Laura Haddock, Nathalie Baye, Dominic West, and Jonathan Zaccaï also make an appearance.

Obviously, viewers have been quick to share their excitement, with one person writing: "Maggie is in it so we can all be happy!!"

Another wrote: "THE EXCITEMENT IS REAL," while a third added: "OMG!!! Hurry up, March!"

The first film, released back in 2019, saw a visit from the royal family to Downton Abbey as well as an assassin hired to kill the Monarch.

Creator and showrunner Julian Fellowes has teased what is to come from the follow up.

He told People magazine: “It's really a new era. The further the '20s went along, the more the world was changing in so many ways.

"Everything from entertainment to transport was really different by the end of the '20s. That's what we're referring to in that. It’s an unashamedly feel-good movie.”

Downton Abbey: A New Era debuts in UK cinemas on March 18, 2022.