Dr Hilary Jones reveals how ibuprofen could treat coronavirus patients

4 June 2020, 14:30 | Updated: 4 June 2020, 14:48

Dr Hilary has explained exactly how the drug will help with the virus
Dr Hilary has explained exactly how the drug will help with the virus. Picture: PA

The TV doctor has revealed on Good Morning Britain that the popular drug - used for minor pain relief - could help with coronavirus.

Dr Hilary Jones has revealed to the nation how the popular drug, ibuprofen could help coronavirus patients.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the doctor addressed the new news that it's being trialled by scientists to see whether or not ibuprofen will help hospital patients who are sick with COVID-19.

Ibuprofen could help treat coronavirus patients

A trial is being run at the London Guy's and St Thomas' hospital and King's College which hopes to see that the anti-inflammatory drug could relieve breathing difficulties.

They hope the low-cost treatment can keep patients off ventilators.

Speaking on the ITV early morning show, Dr Hilary said: "Anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen could have an effect on surprising the inflammation.

"What we know about Covid-19 is that it’s not just a respiratory illness at all, it affects many organs in the body largely because the lining of blood vessel becomes inflamed.

Hilary explained to the UK what this means for us
Hilary explained to the UK what this means for us. Picture: ITV

"When the lining of blood vessels become inflamed, it helps the blood to clot and any deposits already in the arteries can form in patients with Covid-19 and will have very severe consequences."

He continued: "So an anti-inflammatory could potentially help with that inflammation, and suppress some of the consequences of Covid-19, preventing people from going onto ventilators."

As well as this, earlier this week the 66-year-old insisted that sticking to the government's two-meter rule was very important saying it "halves" the risk of catching the deadly virus.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly about the research, he said: ‘It’s really odd how we’ve [decided], “Lets change the rules, the virus will understand.”

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