EastEnders viewers spot Linda Carter foot 'blunder' as Mick struggles to save her in dramatic boat crash

18 February 2020, 07:32 | Updated: 18 February 2020, 11:43

Fans of EastEnders compared last night’s episode to Titanic after Linda Carter got her ankle stuck. 

EastEnders’ 35th anniversary kicked off in dramatic style on Monday evening, as the much anticipated boat party made its way down the Thames. 

But Mick and Linda’s lives were hanging in the balance when the boat unexpectedly crashed and started filling with water. 

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While it’s still unclear what caused the accident, Linda was caught in the thick of it when she drunkenly knocked herself unconscious downstairs. 

Mick tried to release Linda's foot on EastEnders
Mick tried to release Linda's foot on EastEnders. Picture: BBC

She managed to wake up just in time for Mick to find her, but her leg became trapped as the bottom of the boat flooded. 

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Despite the explosive scenes, viewers of the show were convinced the couple could have released Linda’s foot from the gap in the kitchen equipment quite easily. 

“I mean if mick picked Linda up she would have been able to twist her foot out. Comon think of something a bit better than that ffs #Eastenders,” said one person on Twitter. 

Another fumed: “Right am not being funny but Mick can literally lift up that table and release Linda’s foot. FUMING MATE.”

While a third added: "This is not Titanic...Linda needs to move her foot is not that badly stuck.”

And a fourth asked: "Mick really could have turned Linda's foot to the side and slid her out, while making it easier by removing her shoe. Why was that so difficult to think of?"

Back on the boat, fans of the show are convinced Linda or Mick will meet their grisly end this week. 

As Linda began panicking, she screamed that she "didn't want to die", before telling her estranged husband: "You have to go. Think of Ollie. Nancy, Shirley, Johnny... they all need you!"

Mick and Linda's lives are in danger on EastEnders
Mick and Linda's lives are in danger on EastEnders. Picture: BBC

However, Mick replied: "Do you think I'd ever leave you? I love you. If this boat goes down, I'm going down with it."

Show bosses have already confirmed that the 35th anniversary week leads to a shock death, but fans will have to wait until Friday (February 21) to find out who will make it out alive.

EastEnders airs Mondays and Fridays at 8pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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