EastEnders superfans point out obvious clues we missed about Dennis dying

24 February 2020, 15:57 | Updated: 24 February 2020, 16:29

Dennis passed away in the anniversary episode on Friday
Dennis passed away in the anniversary episode on Friday. Picture: BBC

Dennis Mitchell died last week in a horrific way during the 35th anniversary episode of EastEnders.

Friday night's anniversary episode of EastEnders saw the horrific death of character Dennis Mitchell, which some did not see coming at all, but others spotted a mile off.

Superfans of the soap pointed out that many clues were dropped over the days in the run-up to his death.

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Dennis Rickman Jr was pronounced dead
Dennis Rickman Jr was pronounced dead. Picture: BBC

The clever Easter eggs were dropped, and viewers admitted they'd already figured out that Phil Mitchell's adoptive son would be the character killed off.

Here are all of the hints that pointed towards the youngster dying.

Stuart's reference to a 'boy in green'.

Stuart Highway was dressed as Captain Hook, and whilst in the costume he made a reference to a "pesky boy in green" who would "never grow up".

Of course, this was directly about Peter Pan, from the Disney favourite, but it also played reference to Denniss, who was dressed in a green jacket at the time and wouldn't get to grow up as he died.

Stuart's speech was one of the main clues
Stuart's speech was one of the main clues. Picture: BBC

One fan clocked this, saying: "After Stuart’s Peter Pan reference of a boy never growing up, and Denny being in a green coat, I thought it’d be him that died. Really sad and tragic death!"

Sharon swearing on his life

A few months earlier in the show, Sharon, Dennis' mum swore on his life, saying that there was nothing going on between her and Keanu Taylor.

However, she was indeed lying, and said "On Dennis' life, on my son's life".

This had fans predicting he would be killed off after the Easter egg was planted months ago.

Dennis' voicemail

In a moment close to the end, Dennis left his mum Sharon a voicemail about being stuck in a room on the boat, saying "I need help, I can't get out".

Fans predicted that this meant he was undoubtedly dying later in the show, and they were right.