Does Patrick Trueman die in EastEnders?

8 January 2021, 08:49

Lucas left Patrick for dead in EastEnders
Lucas left Patrick for dead in EastEnders. Picture: BBC

How old is Patrick is EastEnders and is actor Rudolph Walker leaving?

Things are not looking good for EastEnders favourite Patrick Trueman after a showdown with evil Lucas Johnson left him struggling to breath.

After Patrick enlisted the help of Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) to try and protect Denise Fox (Diane Parish) from killer Lucas (Don Gilet), a showdown occurred between the pair.

Lucas turned up on his doorstep and pushed his way into his home, before Patrick (Rudolph Walker) began shouting at him.

But Patrick then collapsed to the chair unable to move or talk. So, is Patrick leaving EastEnders? Here’s what we know about the character…

Patrick Trueman was left collapsed in his chair on EastEnders
Patrick Trueman was left collapsed in his chair on EastEnders. Picture: BBC

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How old is Patrick in EastEnders?

Patrick is 80-years-old and first appeared in Walford back in 2001.

The actor who plays him - Rudolph Walker - is 81-years-old and was born on 28 September 1939.

Is Patrick leaving EastEnders?

It is unclear what will happen to Patrick in EastEnders.

Viewers saw him arguing with Lucas after the serial killer said he believed Denise was responsible for the recent attack on him.

Patrick then revealed that he was to blame, before telling Lucas he is an evil man.

As Patrick then collapsed in his home, Lucas could be seen taking out his phone to call for an ambulance.

But he paused as Patrick watched on, with many viewers convinced he’s going to leave him to die.

“My Patrick better live, I just have to say. #EastEnders,” said one fan, while another wrote: “If 2021 takes Patrick, it’ll be a worse year than 2020 #EastEnders.”

A third added: “Why am I balling my eyes out at Patrick having a stroke!!!! He can’t die #Eastenders.”

Patrick recently battled coronavirus off screen and was hospitalised. He also suffered a major stroke in 2014, but managed to fully recover.

Actor Rudolph has not said anything about leaving EastEnders anytime soon, so hopefully he will make it to hospital in time.

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