Here’s where EastEnders’ Geoff Barnes actor David Roper is now

20 July 2022, 14:31

David Roepr played Geoff Barnes in EastEnders
David Roepr played Geoff Barnes in EastEnders. Picture: ITV/BBC

What happened to Geoff Barnes in EastEnders and where is David Roper now? Everything you need to know...

EastEnders fans might remember Geoff Barnes for starring in the soap back in the 1990s.

He was part of some big storylines over the years, but is best known for his relationship with Michelle Fowler (Susan Tully).

But what happened to Geoff in EastEnders and where is David Roper now?

What happened to Geoff Barnes in EastEnders?

Geoff Barnes made his first appearance on 9 May 1994 and was introduced as a love interest for Michelle Fowler.

After the pair got together, Michelle said that the relationship lacked ‘passion’ so Geoff finished with her.

Despite Michelle’s mum Pauline trying to convince her to get back with ‘safe’ Geoff, their relationship deteriorated.

Geoff remained a regular character for a year, and was eventually written out in April 1995, following his split from Michelle.

David Roper played Geoff in EastEnders
David Roper played Geoff in EastEnders. Picture: BBC

Who played Geoff in EastEnders?

Geoff was played by David Roper, who is a 78-year-old actor from Bradford.

He returned for a brief stint in both September and October 1995 to help with Susan Tully’s exit after she left following 11 years as Michelle.

Opening up about watching himself on EastEnders more than 20 years later, David recently said it was like ‘watching a younger brother’.

He told in 202: “The most amazing thing is I’ve totally forgotten all the filming despite spending a year on the show.

“The only thing I remember vividly was the last episodes I did, where me and Susan Tully, who played Michelle Fowler, Wendy Richard and Bill Treacher, who played Pauline and Arthur Fowler, and Todd Carty, who was Mark Fowler, went to Scotland to film.

“We weren’t supposed to leave the hotel but one night we decided to escape to get an Indian meal because we all fancied a curry.

David Roper starred in Emmerdale
David Roper starred in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

“We jumped in a minibus that took us to a sleepy village five miles away, which had an Indian restaurant.

“Myself, Sue and Todd walked in and asked for a table, and the look on the faces of the diners as we walked past them was hilarious.”

Where is David Roper now?

Aside from EastEnders, David has had many roles including playing Charlie Fisher in Leave It to Charlie back and Chris Hawthorne in The Cuckoo Waltz in the 1970s.

Following his Geoff Barnes role, David starred in Coronation Street e as Bob Bradshaw in 2000 and his other credits include Doctors and Holby City.

In 2019, the star also played a character called John Richmond in Emmerdale and played Bishop of Norwich in an episode of The Crown.

Away from acting, David has written two books; one about his life as an actor and another about struggling to conceive.

David and his wife Andrea had IVF while he was in EastEnders which resulted in the birth of their twins, Harry and Jack, who are now 27.