Emily in Paris season 2: cast, release date and everything we know so far

13 November 2020, 10:49

The official trailer for Emily in Paris on Netflix

A second season of Emily in Paris has been confirmed by Netflix - here's everything we know about the upcoming series.

If you were guilty of bingeing every single episode of Emily in Paris in one sitting (same), you'll be delighted to know its returning for season two.

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Netflix have confirmed that the comedy-drama series - starring Lily Collins as the title character - has been renewed, after it proved a huge hit with audiences.

The official Emily in Paris Instagram account shared the news, posting a fake letter from character Sylvie Grateau

Emily in Paris has been renewed for season 2

The letter reads: "TO: MADELINE WHEELER c/o: The Gilbert Group

"Nous sommes désolées! We are writing to regrettably inform you that Emily Cooper will need to remain in Paris for an extended period of time. Despite her overconfident manner and lack of prior experience in luxury goods marketing, she has nonetheless managed to charm some of our hard-to-impress clients during her short time at Savoir. Call it bonne chance, or American ingenuity – I’m leaning towards the former – her results are impressive.

"We hope that by extending her time in Paris, Emily will further the relationships she has already made, delve deeper into our culture, and perhaps pick up a few words of basic French.

"We will work in conjunction with you on applying for a work permit on her behalf to prolong her time here. We love having Emily in Paris! But please don’t let her know that."

Emily in Paris is returning for season two
Emily in Paris is returning for season two. Picture: Netflix

When will Emily in Paris season two be released?

The exact release date hasn't yet been revealed, but watch this space...

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Who will be in the Emily in Paris season two cast?

The exact cast hasn't been revealed, but it's looking likely that the main cast - including Lily Collins, Lucas Bravo, and Ashley Park - will return, as they all featured in the promo video.

Emily in Paris has proved hugely popular on Netflix
Emily in Paris has proved hugely popular on Netflix. Picture: Netflix

What will happen in Emily in Paris season two?

Show creator Darren Star previously hinted that there could be some romantic drama between Emily, her neighbour Gabriel (who she shared a night of passion with in season one), and Emily's best friend Cami, who is also Gabriel's ex.

He said: "Nothing is sort of exactly as it seems to [Emily]," he said. "And I think a lot of her ideas about life are constantly tested. And they will be next season, as well.

"What happens in the next chapter, I think, can be a real exploration of how does the relationship between these three characters evolve.

"That, to me, is such a fun thing to explore in season two, because these are not Americans. They're French people. To me, a big part of the show is looking at everything through a different lens. Season two will open up some interesting and surprising relationship avenues."


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