Emmerdale's Jacob to reveal he's been sleeping with his stepmum

3 April 2019, 10:23 | Updated: 3 April 2019, 11:16

Jacob will expose abuser Maya Stepney next week
Jacob will expose abuser Maya Stepney next week. Picture: ITV

Jacob's friendship with Liv will be the deciding factor in exposing his abusive stepmother Maya.

Emmerdale viewers are in for a dramatic week as student Jacob Gallagher decides to expose his affair with stepmother Maya Stepney.

Teacher Maya has been grooming her stepson for months now, but she now finds herself struggling to maintain control of her manipulation.

The drama will unfold next week when Maya insists that the pair keep hurting David Metcalfe and Liv Flaherty to conceal their illegal affair.

Maya will be sent into a spin of panic when the school headteacher requests an urgent meeting, worrying that her scandalous secret has been exposed.

It transpires that the meeting is to review Maya's performance as a teacher after the headteacher has noticed anxious behaviour - which Maya claims is down to post-divorce stress.

The calm doesn't last long with Jacob later sitting down with Maya to deliver another storm - insisting he will no longer lie to Liv and his doting father to hide their illegal romance.

Struck with panic, Maya begs Jacob to maintain the secret in a desperate bid to maintain her grip over the 16-year-old.

With a sense of determination that forebodes a life behind bars for Maya, Jacob decides to end their relationship for good.

Jacob refuses to inflict further distress on Liv
Jacob refuses to inflict further distress on Liv. Picture: ITV