Emmerdale's Heath and Cathy: Who is the twins' mum and what happened to her?

8 September 2021, 08:16

Cathy and Heath have been on Emmerdale since they were babies
Cathy and Heath have been on Emmerdale since they were babies. Picture: ITV

Who are Cathy and Heath’s parents and what happened to Viv Hope? Here’s what we know…

Emmerdale has introduced us to many child stars over the years, including Gabrielle and Sebastian Dowling who play twins Cathy and Heath Hope.

The siblings have been on our screens since they were tiny babies and made their debut all the way back in 2007.

They have been part of some huge storylines, including their involvement in April’s recent cyber-bullying terror.

But who are Cathy and Heath and who are their parents? Here’s what you need to know…

Heath and Cathy Hope debuted in Emmerdale in 2007
Heath and Cathy Hope debuted in Emmerdale in 2007. Picture: ITV

Who is Cathy and Heath Hope’s mum?

Cathy and Heath’s mum is Viv Hope - played by Deena Payne - and their dad is Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw).

The twins have always been played by real-life twins Gabrielle and Sebastian Dowling and are now 14-years-old.

Their mum Louise signed them up for the show when she was pregnant but they weren’t given a permanent contract at first.

"You don't get opportunities like this every day and it will be something for them to look back on when they are older," she told the Huddersfield Examiner in February 2007.

"I was a bit dubious at first because I wasn't sure what my husband would think about it. But Emmerdale has been fantastic."

Deena Payne played Viv Hope in Emmerdale
Deena Payne played Viv Hope in Emmerdale. Picture: Alamy

Back on Emmerdale, Bob originally wanted Viv to terminate her pregnancy when she found out she was expecting, but changed his mind and when she went to have the abortion.

Cathy and Heath were born when Viv unexpectedly went into labour on the moors and Paddy Kirk delivered the babies.

The kids were given the names Catherine and Heathcliff in a nod to the Emily Bronté novel Wuthering Heights.

They had a whopping nine godparents when they were baptised.

What happened to Viv Hope?

Viv was killed in an explosion in 2011.

The character was inside the post office in the village with the twins when Nick Henshall set it on fire.

Bob managed to rescue the children and Terry Woods tried to rescue Viv, but both he and Viv died.