Inside Emmerdale's 'biggest ever stunt' with waterfall scenes filmed at a white water attraction

20 October 2021, 09:08 | Updated: 20 October 2021, 09:50

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Where are the waterfalls in Emmerdale? Find out about the huge stunt on the soap this week...

Emmerdale fans have been left on the edge of their seats this week as the soap is airing their ‘biggest ever stunt’.

Fans watched as the bridge collapse saw Manpreet Sharma and Charles Anderson plunge into a river below.

Meanwhile Victoria Sugden and David Metcalfe clung to the hanging bridge, before falling down a waterfall.

Emmerdale aired a dramatic waterfall scene this week
Emmerdale aired a dramatic waterfall scene this week. Picture: ITV

But as we are all left wondering who will survive the terrifying plunge, some viewers are wondering where the scenes were filmed and what the waterfall location is. Well, here's what we know...

Where is the waterfall in Emmerdale?

The waterfall is actually at the Tees Barrage in September.

Actors Jessica Hayward and Matthew Wolfenden - who play Victoria Sugden and David Metcalfe - were spotted filming at the white water attraction in Stockton.

Tees Barrage has two international-standard courses with 300 metres of rapid white water flowing down it through powerful machines that pump more than 14,000 litres of water every second.

Victoria plunged down a waterfall in Emmerdale
Victoria plunged down a waterfall in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

It is open to the public to book an adrenaline-filled white water rafting experience, with a raft holding up to six people and costing around £50 each.

Their website states: “Your group gets its own raft and expert white water rafting guide to help everyone conquer the wild waters ahead. Navigating a network of twists, our course takes you on a water rollercoaster of sudden drops, crashing waves and sharp turns.”

The attraction also does paddle boarding, powerboat trips and air trail high ropes.

Victoria and David are in danger in Emmerdale
Victoria and David are in danger in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

Back on Emmerdale, Matthew said he loved filming the dramatic scenes, saying at the time: "We've just been filming one of the biggest stunts that Emmerdale has ever done at Tees Barrage.

"And it's been fantastic - and cold."

With the terrifying moments playing out this week, Emmerdale fans have taken to Twitter with their thoughts.

"WOW what an ending #Emmerdale,” someone said, while another wrote: “OMG @emmerdale Please let Victoria & David have a happy ever after #emmerdale ".

A third added: "I swear they better NOT kill off the last #Sugden #Victoria #Emmerdale ".