Who plays Ryan Stock in Emmerdale? James Moore's career, girlfriend and Instagram revealed

20 August 2021, 08:49

James Moore plays Ryan in Emmerdale
James Moore plays Ryan in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV/Instagram

Who is Ryan in Emmerdale and who plays him? Here's what we know about James Moore.

Ryan Stock made his Emmerdale debut back in 2018 as Charity Dingle's long-lost son, who she conceived after being rape at the age of 14.

He has since been part of some huge storylines, including Charity's court case against Ryan's evil biological father, corrupt police officer Mark Bails.

But who plays Ryan and what do we know about James Moore?

Ryan Stock is played by James Moore in Emmerdale
Ryan Stock is played by James Moore in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

Who plays Ryan Stock in Emmerdale?

James Moore has played Ryan for three years.

The young actor is from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire and describes himself as an actor, musician and a vegan.

Before joining Emmerdale, he did a degree in photography and studied at the National Youth Theatre.

He has ataxic cerebral palsy and is a huge advocate for disability representation in the media, but almost gave up on his acting dream before it started.

James previously explained to Disability Horizons: "It's hard for anyone, but when I was growing up, there weren't many disabled people being represented on film or television.

"But after I signed with an agent, the role came up almost straight away. I really put my all into it.

James Moore has been on Emmerdale for three years
James Moore has been on Emmerdale for three years. Picture: Instagram

"The part of Ryan was always intended to be for a disabled actor, but not specifically one with cerebral palsy. It was incredible that they wrote that in later."

How old is James Moore?

James was born on August 15 1992, making him 29-years-old.

Opening up about his disability to Disability Horizons, he said: "So firstly, I have cerebral palsy (CP), but it’s Ataxic CP, which basically means that I struggle with movement and co-ordination.

“I find it difficult to walk long distances and there are certain things I know I can’t do, but I’ve adapted to these challenges in my day-to-day life.

He added: "This is why I love being a part of Emmerdale – it’s showing disability in a new light and letting viewers know that disabled people can be independent and have full, healthy lives. Together, we’re proving that disability isn’t a defining factor."

Who is James Moore’s girlfriend?

James lives with his girlfriend of two years Sophie Edwards and their cat Tonto.

After celebrating his anniversary with Sophie earlier this year, James praised his partner for helping him ‘become a better person’.

Sharing two photos on Instagram, the star wrote: "2 years. I can’t believe it. We’ve had 2 amazing, happy, incredible years together. We’ve come so far from where we started.

"We live together, we have our own little fur baby, and we are stronger than ever.

"I’m so thankful for your support and encouragement and just pure, absolute love that you give me each and every day, and I can’t wait to make some new memories with you in the years to come. Happy anniversary, I love you."

What is James Moore’s Instagram?

You can find James on social media @jamesmooreactor, where he has more than 18k followers and often shares photos with Sophie.