Game of Thrones John Bradley confirms season 8 fan theories could be correct

21 May 2019, 00:01

John Bradley Game of Thrones
John Bradley Game of Thrones. Picture: Youtube

The Game of Throne star, who plays Sam Tarly, says some theories are "closer than others".

John Bradley says some fan theories have come dangerously close to unravelling the plot of the series.

The popular fantasy drama sees the likes of Kit Harrington, Emilia Clark and Maisie Williams reprise their roles as Game of Thrones returns for series eight.

Naturally, fans have been speculating as what might happen, with some fan theories claiming

Now John Bradley, who plays Jon Snow's closest friend Sam Tarly, claims some of the fan theories about his character have come close but luckily there are so many no one would ever be able to know which was true for definite.

"That's the thing about theories, there are literally thousands," John tells Heart.

"Just by the law of averages and luck, some are going to get closer to the truth than others. However, because there are so many it also means the most true get swallowed up amongst the others."

His co-star Hannah Murray, who plays his on-screen wife Gilly, said she finds fan theories amusing and has particularly taken a liking to the idea that Lord Varys could be a mermaid.

"So I have a favourite fan theory. When we were doing press for season seven, and every journalists asked him if Varys was a mermaid because it was a theory at the time," Hannah explained.

She added: "I was unaware of it, but Connalis was growing more and more annoyed because he thought it was so silly, that's now become my favourite, I wish it was true!

Meanwhile, the Game of Throne's co-stars revealed the one thing they wish they had taken form set on the last ay of filming for the final series.

"I would have taken Sam's thimble, it comes up in season two and three," John told us. "He gives it to Gilly because it's the thing his mother used to sew with, and he associates it with comfort and love and his only shining beacon of comfort in his home life."

John explains: "He gives it to Gilly because it means so much to him and to prove that he's going to come back - it had so much weigh to it and importance, that I would have taken it."

Meanwhile, Gilly revealed: "I would have taken the stuffed ghost, that they used because on set. When we were shooting stuff, production would use a big stuffed white dire wolf - so I would have taken that."

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