Gogglebox star Sandra Martin to move into retirement home to escape homelessness

23 October 2018, 08:20

Sandra Martin from Gogglebox
Sandra Martin from Gogglebox. Picture: Channel 4

The 56-year-old faced financial struggles after she quit appearing on the Channel 4 programme, Gogglebox.

Gogglebox's Sandra Martin has revealed she is due to move into a retirement home after months of being homeless.

The star of the Channel 4 show - which sees ordinary members of the public giving hilarious commentary on TV programmes - was forced to quit after her co-star Sandi left to pursue a music career.

Sandra tried to remain as a fan favourite on the show and asked her daughter Chancez to replace Sandi however said: "I couldn’t sit down with my 24-year-old daughter and talk about sex - it wasn’t the same."

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After leaving the show and getting dropped by Celebrity Big Brother shortly before the series began she faced many financial struggles.

She told The Sun: When I left the show I had to give up my house so I hit the road.

“I went to live in hotels from July to December. I went back on benefits but I’m not on them anymore at the moment because I’m doing panto.

“I was homeless and penniless but I’m back now. I’m queen bee.”

Describing her decision to move into a retirement home she said: “It’s an old people’s home. I thought I’d go in now because the kids are going to put me in there anyway."

She revealed she is currently living in temporary accommodation but is looking forward to moving into her new place.

Sandra and her former Gogglebox co-star as well as real life friend, Sandi
Sandra and her former Gogglebox co-star as well as real life friend, Sandi. Picture: Channel 4

She said: “I’ve got a red button in each room, there’s be everyone downstairs on their zimmer frames, I’ve got three three-course meals every day for a fiver. I love it.

“I’m so happy to be there and it’s so warm and clean and it’s brand new.

“There’s security and a lift to go upstairs, there’s a big front room and a shop downstairs”.

With things looking up for Sandra, she is due to appear in panto this Christmas as well as star in an upcoming episode of Celebrity First Dates.