Hollyoaks recasts Ollie Morgans as Aedan Duckworth leaves

3 November 2020, 08:06

Aedan Duckworth has been recast in Hollyoaks
Aedan Duckworth has been recast in Hollyoaks. Picture: Lime Pictures/Instagram

Why will Aedan Duckworth no longer be appearing in Hollyoaks?

Hollyoaks has recast the role of Ollie Morgan after actor Aedan Duckworth unexpectedly left the soap.

Newcomer Gabriel Clark will replace the actor after it was confirmed that Aedan is no longer part of the cast.

But why did Aedan Duckworth leave and will he return? Here’s what we know...

Why did Aedan Duckworth leave Hollyoaks as Ollie Morgan?

It is currently unknown why Aedan has quit Hollyoaks, but he won’t be back on the show.

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Instead, Ollie will be played by another actor when he returns later this year.

The character has been seen in the flash-forward episode, which means he will be back in Chester for the upcoming New Year storyline.

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Earlier this week, Brody Hudson (Adam Woodward) was seen in a flashback revealing that he’d been to see abuser Buster Smith (Nathan Sussex) in prison.

Brody then told Ollie about Buster’s apology and the teen went to visit the evil abuser the next day.

But things didn’t go to plan when Buster said some horrific things to both Brody and Ollie.

Ollie Morgan was abused by Buster Smith in Hollyoaks
Ollie Morgan was abused by Buster Smith in Hollyoaks. Picture: Lime Pictures

Back in the present day, Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) then came across a letter from Ollie which she read to his dad Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy).

On Tuesday (September 22), it was confirmed that Ollie had run away to his mum’s house and was then removed from the opening titles.

During his time on Hollyoaks, Aedan has featured in some huge storylines including the sexual abuse by his football coach, Buster.

He also had baby Thierry with girlfriend Brooke Hathaway, but his son was put up for adoption.

This comes after it was revealed Imran Adams has quit the show as Mitchell Deveraux, while Rachel Adedeji left earlier this year.

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