How much money did Arlene Phillips make on I'm A Celebrity?

6 December 2021, 09:32

Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

How much money was Arlene paid on I'm A Celeb? Here's what we know...

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After two weeks in the castle, Arlene Phillips became the first star eliminated from I'm A Celebrity 2021.

Speaking to hosts Ant and Dec, the 78-year-old said she found it more difficult than she expected.

"Much harder. I psyched myself up, I was so prepared for it,” she said.

"I'd focused on why I was doing it and what I wanted to achieve... but it is hard."

Arlene Phillips would have received her full fee
Arlene Phillips would have received her full fee. Picture: ITV

"I'd watched it for so long and it's about overcoming fear," Arlene continued. "It brings out something in you and it brings out a lot of emotions and thinking about your life."

The former Strictly judge then opened up about her bond with Naughty Boy, adding: "I did look after him and we did have a bond... he's a very special human being."

But how much did Arlene make on the show? Here’s what we know…

How much money did Arlene Phillips make on I'm A Celebrity?

It has not been revealed exactly how much Arlene made from her time on the show.

Arlene Phillips left the I'm A Celeb castle
Arlene Phillips left the I'm A Celeb castle. Picture: ITV

It has previously been reported the stars have to stay in the jungle or the castle for 72 hours in order to receive their pay cheque, so it is thought Arlene will be paid in full.

According to the Mirror, this year’s celebrities can be expected to make anything from £30,000 to £500,000 for their time on the show, depending on how famous they are.

Adam Woodyatt reportedly signed a deal to be on the show for a whopping £250,000, The Sun reported, while Richard Madeley allegedly pocketed £200,000 from the show.

What is Arlene Phillips’ net worth?

According to The Sun, Arlene is worth an impressive £6.5million.

A source told The Mirror Arlene owns a £4.3 million mortgage-free home in London, and has around £1.2 million in private companies.

She has earned her money as a choreographer, director, talent scout, television judge and presenter, previously working at the Pineapple Dance Studios.

Arlene is said to have turned down the opportunity to join the I’m A Celeb line up a whopping 10 times.