Lorraine shocks fans by revealing she sleeps in her bra every night

28 March 2019, 13:44 | Updated: 2 March 2020, 16:10

Lorraine Kelly admits she wears a bra overnight
Lorraine Kelly admits she wears a bra overnight. Picture: ITV

Now the ITV daytime presenter has addressed controversy after seeking reassurance from Dr Hilary Jones as to whether there was any health risks.

Lorraine addressed the controversy surrounding her admission that she wears a bra to sleep during a chat with Coleen Nolan one Wednesday.

She said: "I'm aghast as I keep my bra on all the time, I even sleep in it."I didn't realise that was weird, I said that this morning and everyone was like 'WHAT?'"

As she cupped her chest, she added: "I don't feel right when I take it off, it feels weird. Maybe I'm odd, I'm feeling quite odd now."

The 57-year-old presenter was shocked by the reaction from the audience who were horrified by her admission, with some even speculating around the health risks.

However, Lorraine addressed the controversy on Thursday morning after asking Dr Hilary Jones whether there was anything wrong with wearing a bra overnight.

Lorraine said: “I made a very innocent remark...well, 24 hours on, people are still talking about this. I keep my bra on, but obviously if I have slept in it overnight, I change it everyday, of course I do.”

Dr Hilary Jones said: “There is nothing to suggest there is any medical benefit or disadvantage...I can imagine why some women, for comfort, would keep a bra on at night...but there is no other reason. When you are standing, there is a gravitational pull and things can go south..but when you are in bed, you are horizontal and nothing should be happening.”

But Lorraine wasn’t convinced, adding : “I just don’t like being all loose," before adding: "[My boobs] are not bad for a lady of my age. I think wearing a bra has kept them perky.”