Love Island fans divided over 'adorable' Leanne and Mike romance as they 'don't trust' him

19 January 2020, 21:43

The couple are going down a treat with viewers
The couple are going down a treat with viewers. Picture: ITV

The two seem head over heels for each other and fans can't decide if they want them to win or if they don't trust him.

Leanne Amaning and Mike Boateng are Love Island 2020's first seemingly solid couple, with both being pretty open about their feelings for each other and giving us seriously adorable moments from the start.

However, while some are already hailing them the winners of this series, others are wary of the policeman's intentions.

The pair are so adorable together
The pair are so adorable together. Picture: ITV

The 24-year-old policeman picked 21-year-old customer service gal Leanne from the start, and despite an early shake after one of the twins, Jess Gale picked Mike in the first recoupling, Mike let Jess down gently and went straight back to Leanne.

The two are already well-loved by fans of the show and people can't stop gushing over how cute they are and also begging for more footage of the two.

Tonight's kissing scene on the daybed melted our hearts, with Leanne admitting she felt shy, but other fans took to Twitter to air certain concerns for the relationship.

Some have highlighted that there is loads more time to go and many distractions up ahead.

Other have compared Mike to last year's Michael Griffiths, who seemed head over heels with Amber Gill until Casa Amor came around and he brutally dumped her after she patiently waited for him.

One said: "Is is weird that I like Mike and Leanne but I don’t like Mike"

Another added: "Mike is smart, HE KNOWS he’s on tv. Giving the drama, but keeping it smart by apologising.

"I’m worried for Leanne, I don’t know if I trust him."