Love Island fans are impressed with Ovie Soko's tip to cool down

23 July 2019, 16:27

Ovie keeps his cool in a rather... unique... way
Ovie keeps his cool in a rather... unique... way. Picture: ITV
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The cool-as-a-cucumber islander revealed his top tip for keeping himself chilled in the hot weather.

Ovie Soko is fast becoming a national treasure, the pro basketball player has everyone laughing with his hilarious comments and chilled, nature.

But his personality isn't the only cool thing about Ovie, as he revealed his little hack for keeping temperatures down in the blazing Majorcan heat.

When in the kitchen with his love interest India, 28-year-old Ovie reached into the freezer, only to pull out his purple bucket hat.

India laughed and asked him what he was doing, to which he replied: "Getting my hat, it keeps me cool".

India found the whole thing hilarious
India found the whole thing hilarious. Picture: ITV

It doesn't surprise us that Ovie would do something this random, but props to the guy - it works.

Fans were also tickled by his peculiar hat-cooling method, but were also impressed, with some saying it made them "fall in love" with the 6ft 7 hunk.

There were plenty of hilarious Tweets about the bucket hat hack, here are some of the best: