Love Island's Tommy Fury is 'controlling' says ex who believes boxer 'WILL CHEAT' on Molly-Mae

13 July 2019, 11:57

Tommy Fury's ex-girlfriend Millie has hit out at the boxer, claiming he won't stay faithful to Molly-Mae Hague.
Tommy Fury's ex-girlfriend Millie has hit out at the boxer, claiming he won't stay faithful to Molly-Mae Hague. Picture: ITV / Instagram

Millie Roberts has branded her reality star ex-boyfriend "aggressive" and isn't convinced he will stay loyal to his new girlfriend

Love Island star Tommy Fury has been labelled "controlling" and "aggressive" by his ex-girlfriend, who has warned Molly-Mae not to trust the professional boxer.

In an explosive new interview, Millie Roberts, 22, from Manchester, claimed the popular Islander wasn't on the show for love and told the paper he used to lie about his whereabouts and send her abuse messages during their two-year relationship.

She told The Sun: “He’s really controlling. Whenever I would go out and if I wasn’t home by midnight he would text me ‘We’re done,’ ‘It’s over, on my mum’s life’ ‘you dirty cheat, you f***ing slipped up’ ‘I want nothing to do with you’ – he’s aggressive in how he talks to people.

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“If another guy looked at me on a night out it would be a big kicking and screaming situation and if I stayed late at work he would accuse me of sleeping with someone.

“I went to Marbella on a trip with my friend who’s a social media influencer, that was the worst time of my life. He was so nasty and horrible to me the whole time I was on holiday – because I was in a bikini. I hated it. He was so nasty.

“He said to me ‘You’re just a f***ing scruff from Salford, ‘don’t think you’re one of them’ ‘when you come back home you’ll come down to earth’ ‘you’re a nobody Millie’ – all because I was on this trip and getting attention.

“I never ever cheated on him or gave him a reason to be that way – that was the hardest thing.”

When asked about Tommy's intentions behind appearing on the ITV2 dating show, she insisted he wasn't there to find a girlfriend, explaining: “He didn’t go on the show for love, he went on the show for fame. All his friends still say that now.

“I hope for her sake he does actually like her and he’s not just messing with her. I hope another girl isn’t going to suffer from what he’s like and I hope he wants to treat her correctly.

Millie also had a stark message for the 20-year-old's new girlfriend, Molly-Mae Hague.

She said: “I would say to Molly be careful and don’t ignore the warning signs. He’s very good at talking, he’s very smooth and calming, he would talk his way out of any situation.

“Don’t ignore red flags when they come up. He will talk his way out of it. He would lie about where he was every weekend, he would say he was with his granddad but he wouldn’t be, he’d be out and staying in hotel rooms.”

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When quizzed about whether or not she believes Tommy will stay faithful to Molly-Mae outside the villa, she replied: “History says he won’t be loyal."

“He would lie all the time to me. I hope he’s learnt from his mistakes and he’ll be a better person but – I mean.

“We saw each other at the end of April and he said to me he didn’t want a relationship until he was 30 and he wanted to concentrate on his career.”

Tommy's spokesperson refused to comment.