Will there be a Love on the Spectrum series two?

30 July 2020, 16:01

Love on the Spectrum dropped on Netflix on 22 July - but will there be a second season?

New Netflix show Love on the Spectrum is receiving rave reviews from viewers and critics for its sensitive and educational portrayal of what dating is like for people on the autism spectrum.

The five-part Australian docuseries, which dropped on the streaming service on 22 July, tells the story of the dating lives of 11 autistic people, some of whom are single and some in relationships.

But will there be a second season? Here's what we know.

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Love on the Spectrum series two

It looks like a second series of the show is on the cards, and applications for the show reportedly opened in June.

The first series premiered in Australia in November 2019, and proved hugely popular with audiences - attracting 460,000 viewers for its final episode.

Love on the Spectrum series two is reportedly in production
Love on the Spectrum series two is reportedly in production. Picture: Netflix

Speaking about the show, its producer and director Cian O'Clery told Australian site Mamamia: "The vast majority of autism resources are devoted to early intervention and childhood programs, and the services for young adults are mostly focused on developing work skills and trying to find employment.

"Looking into what help and support there is in Australia for people on the spectrum when it comes to dating and relationships, we found there is almost nothing."

He also told The Wrap: "The number one thing I hope people will get from the series is that they’ll understand more about autism.

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"We’re telling autistic stories via the lens of dating and relationships, but really, it’s about getting to know these people and understanding the diversity of autism and the fact that everyone is so different.

"It’s something you just can’t make assumptions about."

Love on the Spectrum was filmed in Australia
Love on the Spectrum was filmed in Australia. Picture: Netflix

When will Love on the Spectrum series two be released on Netflix?

Although the second series is reportedly in production, there has been no word on a release date - although it's likely it could drop in 2021.


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