Where is Netflix's Love on the Spectrum filmed?

29 July 2020, 14:48

Your need-to-know on the Love on the Spectrum filming location
Your need-to-know on the Love on the Spectrum filming location. Picture: Netflix

Where was Love on the Spectrum filmed? Find out your need-to-know on the new Netflix series.

Love On The Spectrum is the latest Netflix series to capture the hearts of viewers, and it's been praised for its educational and sensitive portrayal of exploring what dating is like for those on the autism spectrum.

The docuseries features 11 people in the cast, who are all either in relationships or looking for love, and explores their dating and romantic lives.

Here's your need-to-know on the show.

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Where was Love on the Spectrum filmed?

The series was filmed in Australia, and Filmmaker Cian O’Clery recently opened up about the process of filming the show.

He revealed that the film crew contacted various autism organisations in the country prior to filming the series.

Speaking to Fast Company, he said: "We were kind of like a support for them in that they weren’t stepping out into that world on their own.

"Psychologists who work with people on the spectrum also spoke to me about this and said that us being there could actually be an advantage in that we are helping them to take the first step into this world that is so daunting."

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Love on the Spectrum was filmed in Australia
Love on the Spectrum was filmed in Australia. Picture: Netflix

What is Love on the Spectrum about?

Love on the Spectrum explores the love lives of 11 people on the autism spectrum.

He also opened up about his reasons for making the show, and expressed hope that it would teach viewers about autism.

Cian told The Wrap: "The number one thing I hope people will get from the series is that they’ll understand more about autism.

Love On The Spectrum dropped on Netflix on 22 July
Love On The Spectrum dropped on Netflix on 22 July. Picture: Netflix

"We’re telling autistic stories via the lens of dating and relationships, but really, it’s about getting to know these people and understanding the diversity of autism and the fact that everyone is so different.

"It’s something you just can’t make assumptions about."

How can I watch Love on the Spectrum on Netflix?

The series dropped on Netflix on 22 July, and all five episodes are available to stream now.

Is there a trailer for Love on the Spectrum?

You can watch the official trailer below:


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