Brits in Coronavirus Tenerife hotel lockdown speak out for the first time

26 February 2020, 11:01 | Updated: 26 February 2020, 11:08

British holidaymakers in Tenerife appeared on This Morning
British holidaymakers in Tenerife appeared on This Morning. Picture: ITV/Googlemaps

As the coronavirus crisis escalates, Brits in the UK have spoken from a hotel in Tenerife.

Earlier this week around 1,000 people were quarantined in a Tenerife hotel after numerous cases of Coronavirus broke out.

And now four British holidaymakers have spoken out from the H10 Costa Adeje Palace as they continue to be on lockdown.

Speaking to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, husband and wife Pamela and David Hoon explained that a letter had been posted under their door on Monday, telling them not to leave their rooms.

After staying put on Tuesday, the couple then revealed they were allowed to walk around the grounds today, but only if wearing face masks.

David and Pamela are on lockdown in Tenerife
David and Pamela are on lockdown in Tenerife. Picture: ITV

David said: “We have to wear masks outside the room but we were allowed to go and get a coffee this morning.

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“Yesterday we weren’t allowed down at all, but we can walk around the grounds as long as we’re wearing a mask.”

Unfortunately, David later confessed that he has run out of his blood pressure medication which means he’s waiting on a call from his holiday company to try and get some emergency supplies.

Elaine Whitewick and her best friend also appeared on the show, confirming they weren’t allowed out of their hotel room yesterday either.

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Elaine also appeared on This Morning from Tenerife
Elaine also appeared on This Morning from Tenerife. Picture: ITV

They said: “Yesterday we didn’t eat anything for 20 hours because we didn’t have breakfast - but they have said we are allowed to go downstairs to get hot drinks today.”

According to health authorities, a doctor from Italy who was staying in the hotel tested positive for Coronavirus and was transferred to Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria University Hospital.

The doctor is reportedly from the virus-hit Lombardy region and his wife has also now tested positive.

It’s now been thought that tourists staying in the hotel could be forced to spend nearly a fortnight locked in at the H10 Costa Adeje Palace before the incubation period ends.

Angel Victor Torres, Canary Islands president, said in a statement yesterday: "This afternoon the coronavirus protocol has been activated for an Italian tourist in the south of Tenerife.

"The result from the first test carried out in the Canaries is positive.

"Tomorrow new tests will take place in Madrid. The patient has been quarantined."

Global cases of the virus have now hit more than 80,000, the vast majority in China.

In the UK, three schools have been forced to close and 15 have turned away staff and students over fears of spreading coronavirus.

The schools that have closed are; Cransley School, Brine Leas Academy, Trinity Catholic College.

The schools across the UK that have turned away students and staff are; Crispin School, Guernsey's Grammar School, Hall Cross Academy, Haverfordwest High School, Newquay Tretherras, Penair School, Salendine Nook, Sandback High School, Sydney Russell, The Holt School, Torquay Boy's Grammar School, Ysgol Friars, Bandbridge Academy, Cambridge House Grammar School and Limavady Grammar School.

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