Netflix confirms when it’s launching new plan with ads

14 October 2022, 14:29

Netflix has a brand new tier of subscription
Netflix has a brand new tier of subscription. Picture: Getty Images/Alamy

How does Netflix with ads work and when is it coming to the UK? Find out everything...

Netflix is going to look a lot different next month, as the platform is now rolling out an ad-supported tier.

While you might be used to watching your favourite shows uninterrupted, the streaming giant has launched a brand new and cheaper option which will include adverts.

That means those who want to pay less for their subscription can get the same great shows, just broken up by ads.

A tweet sent this week confirmed that, from November, subscribers can select a new plan that it calls "Basic with Ads" for just £4.99 per month.

Netflix is changing it's tiers
Netflix is changing it's tiers. Picture: Alamy

The tweet read: "Enjoy your Netflix experience exactly as it is today? Great! Nothing about the way you watch Netflix is going to change.

"From November, Netflix will also be available from £4.99 in the UK. Basic with Ads, Netflix’s new lower-priced ad-supported plan. A plan for every fan!"

They claim the new tier allows for "a plan for every fan", with new subscribers watching about four to five minutes of ads per hour.

Some other features will also be missing as you won’t be able to download content to watch offline and some TV shows and movies will be missing altogether.

Netflix has launched it's brand new platform with ads
Netflix has launched it's brand new platform with ads. Picture: Alamy

While Netflix originals like Stranger Things, Love Is Blind and Sex Education are safe, some licensed content from other channels will be totally absent.

Canada and Mexico will be receiving the new tier first on 1 November, followed by the UK, US, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Japan and Korea on 3 November, followed by Spain on 10 November.

Netflix chief operating officer Greg Peters told reporters on Thursday: "The most important thing for us is that we want to offer consumers choice and for them to figure out what is the best offering for them, and that could mean that some of our existing members shift off [ad-free tiers]."

No changes will be made to existing accounts unless the subscriber picks to switch their accounts.

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