How old is Selling Sunset's Amanza Smith, does she have children, and who is her ex-husband?

28 May 2020, 10:05

Amaza is a new cast member
Amaza is a new cast member. Picture: Instagram

Amanza Smith is the Oppenheim Group's newest member and she's already making waves.

Selling Sunset is back for another series and with it brought a new stunning employee of the Oppenheim Group - Amanza Smith.

But what do we know about the feisty mum, who has impeccable style? We reveal all you need to know...

Who is Amanza Smith and how old is she?

Amanza Smith is Selling Sunset's newest member after just passing her real estate exam.

She's been friends with the cast for years, citing the Oppenheim twins Jason and Brett, and Mary Fitzgerald as some of her closest friends.

Before working for the brokerage as a real estate agent, she staged homes for them and also worked as an interior designer, which she still does as well as her full-time job.

Amanza hails from Indiana and is 43 years old. Her mother is caucasian and her father is African-American, and has described herself as biracial.

Her former partner, Taye Diggs, discussed his dating preferences in an interview where he spoke about his relationship with Amanza, and they described her as “a biracial actress/model.”

How many children does Amanza have and who is her ex-husband?

Amanza is a mum of two, her daughter Noah, 10, and son Braker, eight.

Their father - who is mentioned in a negative light in the show - is called Ralph Brown, a former professional American football player for the NFL.

He and Amanza got married back in 2010 but they have since divorced.

What's Amanza Instagram handle?

You can follow Amanza on Instagram at @amanzasmith