Piers Morgan calls for Captain Tom Moore to be knighted after raising £12m for NHS

16 April 2020, 11:11

Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The veteran has walked 100 lengths of his back garden in order to raise millions for the NHS and many have called for him to be knighted.

Piers Morgan has called for Captain Tom Moore to receive a knighthood after raising a huge amount of money for the NHS.

Captain Tom received £10,000 from Piers, 55, after appearing on Good Morning Britain earlier in the week and explaining he'd set out to raise £500,000 for NHS Charities Together by walking the length of his back garden 100 times.

Captain Tom has walked a whopping 100 lengths of his back garden
Captain Tom has walked a whopping 100 lengths of his back garden. Picture: PA

But after his efforts went completely viral this week, the 99-year-old World War II veteran has raised over £12m just in time for his final lap, which was completed this morning.

Tom, who lives with his family in Bedfordshire, completed the last of the 25-metre laps and was cheered on by many as he finished the 100th lap, following the £12m announcement in the early hours of this morning,

Last week, his total had only reached £1,000, but the veteran - who turns 100 on April 30th - has surpassed all of his expectations, he was even singled out by Matt Hancock during last night's Wednesday evening press conference at Downing Street.

Piers wrote on Twitter that he thought that Moore's efforts to raise money during the coronavirus crisis, in addition to his previous service in the army, deserved a knighthood.

And many agree, with over 85,000 people liking Piers' Tweet and plenty commenting with their support.

One comment read: "I’d also like a NHS hospital named ‘The Captain Tom Moore’ hospital. Outside should be a statue of him, in his blazer, with his badges with his zimmer frame as a reminder to us how much one person can do, even at his age, when they choose to act"

Another said: "Some people receive Knighthoods for basically doing sod all... Captain Tom has inspired a country and fought in the war for Queen an country... He definitely deserves a Knighthood"