Poldark fans FUMING at series 5's lack of sex scenes... and 'focus on politics'

22 July 2019, 16:09

Poldark fans have slammed first time writer Debbie Horsfield for her lack of steamy scenes.
Poldark fans have slammed first time writer Debbie Horsfield for her lack of steamy scenes. Picture: BBC One

Viewers lash out at the show's decision to swap steamy romps for courtroom conversation and brand the latest episode "flat" and "disappointing"

Poldark viewers have been left frustrated by the lack of steamy sex scenes in the latest series of the hit drama and are blaming politics for turning down the heat.

Fans of the series slammed writer Debbie Horsfield on social media for the lack of bedroom romps and claimed she was ruining the once raunchy Cornish show with "flat" storylines, boring scenes and not enough passion or romance.

Criticised for "destroying" the "wonderful piece of literature", Poldark devotees weren't left impressed by the new London location, the unfamiliar characters and the cold scenes set against a gloomy courtroom backdrop.

One disappointed viewer wrote: "This series of #Poldark is just boring. Writing a final series, good writer that she [Horsfield] is, has ruined the whole thing for me. Too many sub-plots and politics. Characters not aged. Kids ages do not match. Very, very disappointing."

"Not enjoying this series, its watchable but feels so flat. its better when it’s not in London plus boring politics yawn," added another.

A third viewer added: "What have the BBC done to this wonderful piece of literature, Winston is not around to witness thankfully, he would be distraught."

Whilst a fourth furious fan raged: "Thankfully you have cancelled this before you can destroy it further, Shame on you."

"Too many people, too much politics. I'm sorry but I don't care about nay of them. Where are those wonderful (love) scenes between Ross and Demelza?," a fifth chimed in.

The earlier, seemingly more popular episodes were based on the novels of Winston Graham, who littered all manner of sizzling hot sex scenes into the narrative by focusing on the relationship between Ross Poldark (Aiden Turner) and his scullery maid turned wife, Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson).

Now the story has digressed from the original books, fans have something to say about Debbie's brand new plot.

Another viewer tweeted: "Fine writer though she is, Debbie Horsfield is not Winston Graham and cannot invest the same emotion or feeling for the characters as he did. They are coming from a different brain and can’t be quite the same."

The fifth series, which shines the light on beloved Ross and Demelza's quiet life in England's capital, is a stark change from the love triangles, heated romps and all-out nudity that Poldark fans are used to seeing.

Last night's scenes, set inside the Houses of Parliament, received an onslaught of criticism for having "too many parks and politics, not enough Cornish cliffs".

Poldark continues on Sunday evenings at 9pm on BBC One.

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