The One With Ross' Tan was voted the best ever episode of Friends by fans

2 October 2019, 13:10 | Updated: 2 October 2019, 13:18

The episode that sees Ross have a fake tan fail makes people laugh the most
The episode that sees Ross have a fake tan fail makes people laugh the most. Picture: NBC
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

There's a whopping TEN seasons for fans to choose from but this one came out on top - do you agree?

It's been a whopping 25 years since the popular American sitcom Friends first aired and the show is every bit as great now in 2019.

The show's aired on Comedy Central here in the UK for years, and its viewers and top fans of the show have spent two months deciding which episode out of the whopping 236 episodes was THE BEST.

The hilarious episode where Ross goes for a spray tan has fans in fits every time
The hilarious episode where Ross goes for a spray tan has fans in fits every time. Picture: NBC

Obviously, not everyone will agree with the fans' decision - there are so many amazing ones to choose from after all - but the one that took the crown was The One With Ross' Tan.

The hilarious episode from Season 10 is undoubtedly amazing, and has even the most cynical of viewers in fits of laughter when Ross counts 'Mississipily' in the self-tanning machine and ends up with a deep dark tan on only one half of his body.

After heading back to sort out his tan, Ross makes another mistake, and ends up looking fully ridiculous with a two-toned appearance and the other friends, especially Rachel, make no secret of the fact he looks awful.

Other episodes that came close to topping the list were The One Where Everybody Find Out, The One With The Routine, The One in Vegas and The One With Ross’ Sandwich - all bar one that have Ross as one of the main characters for those particular episodes' storylines.

Nation’s Funniest Friends episodes aired back to back on Comedy Central over this past weekend, where they counted down to the number one spot.

In the past, fans have voted Ross' "PIVOT!!" as the favourite moment of all time - which completely contradicts the fact Ross' character is regularly voted as one of the most hated.

Fans voted for their top episodes
Fans voted for their top episodes. Picture: NBC asked a psychologist why everyone seemed to hate Ross so much, despite him always being voted as a funny character with great moments in the show.

They revealed: "‘In psychology, it is noted that the things that irritate us, are often the things that we dislike about ourselves. Like holding up a mirror, people get angry at Ross because he has every characteristic that we dislike in people, and many of us can relate to his behaviour." said Karen Kwong, an organisational psychologist.

"We see him in partners or ex-partners, friends and sometimes even ourselves, and this unsettles us as an audience. At times, his insecurity and childish reactions almost remove the humour from the show and presents us with something serious, real and painful."

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