Sam and Billie Faiers make mum Suzanne, 50, a dating profile after she jokes she 'wants sex'

19 September 2019, 15:59

The Faires sisters' glamorous mum is on the hunt for love
The Faires sisters' glamorous mum is on the hunt for love. Picture: Instagram
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The reality TV stars' gorgeous mum is on the hunt for a man - and they've been helping her out.

Samantha and Billie Faires' mum, Suzanne has made a few appearances on their Instagram accounts, including Bille's wedding in the Maldives, and has gone down a treat with the TOWIE stars' fans.

The stunning 50-year-old has an incredible figure and is one very glam mum, so much so that she's been bombarded with random DMs that have left her "wanting sex".

Suzanne pictured with Sam and Billie
Suzanne pictured with Sam and Billie. Picture: Instagram

On Wednesday's episode of The Mummy Diaries, Suzanne explained that she's amassed over 160,000 followers on her Instagram account since being spotted with her daughters, and that she has received "hundreds of DMs".

Daughters Sam, 28 and Billie, 29, were filmed setting their mum up on a dating site after she'd been showing them both some of the frisky messages she had received on social media.

She said: "I don't read half of them, there's hundreds of them - look!"

To which Sam replied: "This proves to you that people are interested, we have to get you online dating, it's the way forward."

As her profile was being set up, granddaughter Nelly, five, joked that she needed a "snog".

The adorable five-year-old is Billie and husband Greg Shepherd's daughter, and her mum replied "Nelly!" and Sam adding: "How do you know what a snog is?"

Nelly is Billie's five-year-old daughter
Nelly is Billie's five-year-old daughter. Picture: Instagram

However, Suzanne seemed to have a clear idea what she wanted make her profile for: "People only want to go on there because they want sex. That's all I want to go on there for!"

Sam exclaimed: "Ugh, that's gross!" but Suzanne added: "I'm only joking, I'll get all kinds of weirdos!"

After this the two sisters did a quick photoshoot for Suzanne, to get a new profile picture for her account on the dating app.

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