The Chase viewers furious as Bradley Walsh accepts ‘wrong answer’ from Shaun Wallace

10 May 2019, 10:36 | Updated: 2 December 2020, 09:07

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

The Chase viewers were not happy that The Dark Destroyer was given this correct answer...

The Chase fans were thrown into a frenzy on Thursday when host Bradley Walsh seemingly accepted a wrong answer from Shaun Wallace.

Shaun - aka The Dark Destroyer - was up against contestants Vee, Jimmy, and Jo in the final chase who were hoping to win the £30,000 they had banked on the ITV show.

But when Shaun was asked a question about a household appliance, viewers pointed out that his answer wasn't technically right.

When Bradley said: "What appliances are Dyson best known for?", the Chaser replied: "Hoover," which is actually a brand name and not the correct term.

The Chase fans accused Bradley of accepting the wrong answer
The Chase fans accused Bradley of accepting the wrong answer. Picture: ITV

"@ITVChase just allowed the answer 'Hoover' (which is a brand) to a question about Dyson (another brand). That's wrong. The answer is vacuum cleaner #TheChase," slammed one.

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Clearly not happy with Bradley's decision to award the answer, another agreed: "He shouldn't have got that 'Hoover' question right. 'Hoover' is a brand not an appliance."

The Dark Destroyer won with 30 seconds to spare
The Dark Destroyer won with 30 seconds to spare. Picture: ITV

While another asked: "How can a Dyson be a 'Hoover'. Should have been given as incorrect surely? #TheChase"

"Pretty sure Dyson makes vacuum cleaners, not Hoovers. #TheChase," said another.

Although one was quick to defend the show, replying: "I've always referred to any kind of vacuum as a hoover, as have my parents. It's just one of those things that has been assimilated into British slang I think, so it was probably accepted as a slang answer. I'm sure it'd have been the same if the contestants got it."

Hoover drama aside, Shaun managed to beat the contestants with 30 seconds to spare, so it wasn't exactly a make-or-break question.

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This comes after The Chase came under fire just a few weeks ago when the game show included a question about The Prodigy the day frontman Keith Flint's death was announced.

Keith was found dead on Monday, 4 March, from suicide, and the very same day one of the questions was: "Which of these chart acts has the fewest members?"

The multiple choice answers included The Prodigy, Pretenders and The Proclaimers, with viewers quick to label the question 'bad taste' following the tragic news.

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