The Chase sparks ‘fix’ row as fans accuse the Vixen of getting milk question wrong

19 October 2022, 12:45

The Vixen gives unusual answer to question in tense final round on The Chase

The Vixen has been accused of cheating after she answered a question about milk on The Chase.

Viewers have accused The Chase of ‘fixing’ the final after The Vixen answered a question about milk bottles.

The professional quizzer - whose real name is Jenny Ryan - was up against a new team made up of Nick from Liverpool, Laura from Bolton, Aiden from Falkirk and Vivienne from Bracknell.

It was Laura and Nick who made it to the final chase with a jackpot of £3,000 between them after they managed to escape being caught by Jenny.

The Vixen was accused of getting a question wrong
The Vixen was accused of getting a question wrong. Picture: ITV

They managed to build up a respectable 14 points before it was the Vixen’s turn to take on Bradley Walsh’s quick fire round.

One of the questions the host asked was: "What colour indicates semi-skimmed milk on bottles?"

Jenny responded: "Red and Silver", which host Bradley accepted before moving on.

But fans were confused by the answer, as typically semi-skimmed milk in plastic bottles is always green and red is skimmed.

The contestants were only one question away from taking the win, making the question even more of a controversy.

Semi-skimmed milk can have a red or green top
Semi-skimmed milk can have a red or green top. Picture: Alamy

"Excuse me? Semi skimmed is GREEN!" said one viewer on Twitter, while another wrote: "Semi-Skimmed milk carton tops are Green (or white) NOT RED which is skimmed milk……. Incorrect answer from #TheVixen given as correct? They were one correct answer away from winning!"

A third added: "am sure the question was colour of tops on semi skimmed milk chaser said red and silver……it’s green or did I hear the question wrong????"

Technically, the Vixen was right as glass milk bottles of semi-skimmed milk are sealed with a red and silver foil top.

Another fan said: "What's the point of asking a question when there's a degree of ambiguity towards the correct answer?"

While another agreed: "That semi-skimmed milk question should never have been asked."

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