The Chase’s Paul Sinha hits back after contestant calls low offer an ‘insult’

30 September 2022, 12:44 | Updated: 30 September 2022, 12:51

Paul Sinha wins fans after contestant calls low offer insulting on The Chase

The Chase fans praised Paul Sinha after he hit back at one contestant's comment.

Things got tense on The Chase this week when Paul Sinha called out a contestant for a comment he made.

Stan from Derby, Joe from Newcastle, Prathi from Shifnal, and June from Stevenage teamed up to take on the professional quizzer on Wednesday.

But it was during Stan’s cash builder that Paul The Sinnerman snapped back at one of the contestants.

Stan had a great first round, answering seven questions correctly and earning himself an impressive £7,000.

Paul Sinha wasn't impressed with one contestant on The Chase
Paul Sinha wasn't impressed with one contestant on The Chase. Picture: ITV

Host Bradley Walsh told him: "You're some player, Stan. I'll give you that".

The Sinnerman went on to offer him a lower offer of £1,000 or a higher offer of £30,000.

When his teammates were asked for their advice, fellow teammate Joe said the £1,000 was an ‘insult’ and told Stan to stick with the £7,000.

Paul was quick to hit back at the criticism as he snapped: "Joe, £1,000 is not an insult.

“It's a lower offer, I don't know what you're expecting us to do. £16,000, is that what you wanted as a lower offer?"

The Chase viewers loved his cheeky comeback, as one wrote on Twitter: "You tell him Paul!", while another said: "So much more entertaining when Paul does the chasing".

The Chase contestant Joe laughed off the encounter
The Chase contestant Joe laughed off the encounter. Picture: ITV

A third agreed and added: "Go on Paul, you tell him".

Thankfully, Joe ended up impressing the Chaser when her built up £6,000 in his cash-builder and made it into the final Chase.

Bradley told him: "You should have taken the high offer!"

Unfortunately Prathi was caught during her round, but June opted to take a minus offer of -£1,000 and made it through to the last round.

Competing for £12,000 in the Final Chase, the trio managed to earn a very respectable 20 points.

After five push-backs, the team ended up winning against Paul’s 14 points.

Paul then told the contestants: "No team is more deserving," before congratulating the team for working together.

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