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The festive episode of The Chase was incredible

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Bradley Walsh was shocked by the decision

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Darragh Ennis has tributed a former The Chase contestant

The Chase star Darragh Ennis leads tributes to former contestant after he tragically dies

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The Chase's Bradley Walsh outraged over ‘unfair’ history question

Paul Sinha paid tribute to a The Chase contestant

Paul Sinha shares emotional tribute to The Chase contestant who died in house fire

Eden Nash couldn't make his epic The Chase win public for over a year

The Chase's £75,000 solo winner Eden forced to keep win a secret for over a year

The Chase contestant won a whopping £75 on his own

The Chase contestant breaks record by winning £75,000 prize

Bradley Walsh lost out on a BAFTA this weekend

Bradley Walsh throws ‘tantrum’ at Baftas after The Chase star loses out on award

The Chase's Mark Labbett reveals diet changes that caused  10 stone weight loss

The Chase's Mark Labbett reveals how he dropped five sizes and lost 10 stone

Shaun Williamson is taking on The Chasers this weekend

Bradley Walsh hosts first ever Beat The Chasers celebrity edition with ‘huge money offers’

The Chase viewers rage at Bradley Walsh for 'robbing' contestants with 'unfair' decision over answer

The Chase viewers rage at Bradley Walsh for 'robbing' contestants with 'unfair' decision over answer

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