The Chase fans furious as Bradley Walsh doesn’t allow ‘correct’ answer

24 October 2022, 10:50

Contestant gets moped question wrong on The Chase

ITV viewers were angry when The Chase contestant Sarah was told she had given the wrong answer.

Fans of The Chase were left confused when one team lost out on a ‘correct answer’.

On Friday, Bradley Walsh welcomed a new batch of contestants made up of Sarah from Bristol, Finlay from Reading, Dave from Anglesey and Nichola from Birmingham.

The team took on Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha in a bid to win a huge cash prize, but many fans have claimed they missed out on a correct answer.

The Chase contestants missed out on £23,000
The Chase contestants missed out on £23,000. Picture: ITV

Things started off well as Sarah made it through to the final Chase with an impressive £5,000.

Finlay also stormed through with a whopping £7,000, while Dave and Nichola also made it through, making it a full house.

After building up £23,000 as a team, all four of the contestants put in a great final performance and built up 17 steps.

However, viewers are convinced they should have got 18 after Bradley asked a question about Vespas.

He said: "What type of vehicle is the Vespa Primavera 50?"

Sarah buzzed in and gave the answer of ‘moped’ before being told the correct answer was ‘scooter’.

The Chase contestant Sarah answered moped instead of scooter
The Chase contestant Sarah answered moped instead of scooter. Picture: ITV

People at home weren’t happy, as one person wrote on Twitter: "If I was Sarah I’d go to the producers about that moped question, I’d be fuming".

"Come on #TheChase. A Vespa IS a moped. Very unfair to insist on scooter,” said someone else.

A third asked: "Moped or scooter? The eternal debate,” while a fourth added: "What?! They didn’t give moped?!?! A moped is a scooter!"

A fifth agreed: Alfie commented : "Sorry is a scooter not a moped???"

Unfortunately for the team, Paul managed to catch them with 25 seconds to spare so the extra point wouldn’t have made any difference.

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