The Chase’s Bradley Walsh under fire after driving answer not allowed

2 November 2022, 08:38 | Updated: 2 November 2022, 09:24

The Chase contest faces 'tough time' from Bradley Walsh

Bradley Walsh was criticised this week when he didn't allow an answer about driving.

Bradley Walsh has been criticised after he didn’t accept a ‘correct’ answer on The Chase.

The show was back with a brand new team of contestants on Monday made up of Michael, Donna, Louise and Andy.

The players took on Dark Destroyer Shaun Wallace in a bid to take home a huge cash prize.

Things started off well as Donna beat the Chaser, but unfortunately Michael and Louise weren’t so successful and didn’t make it to the last round.

Andy made it to the final round of The Chase
Andy made it to the final round of The Chase. Picture: ITV

Andy was hoping to join Donna in the final chase but ended up tripping on the first question when Bradley asked him: "If a driver does a u-ie what manoeuvre are they performing."

The contestant responded: "A turnaround in the round,” while Bradley correcting him with the right answer ‘u-turn’.

Viewers at home thought this was ‘harsh’, with many saying his answer should have been accepted.

"He should’ve been given that, harsh,” one person wrote on Twitter, while another said: "Since when is a turn around in the road not a u-turn"

Bradley Walsh has been criticised by The Chase viewers
Bradley Walsh has been criticised by The Chase viewers. Picture: ITV

A third person wrote: "’In the road’, he said, which is correct as far as I can see,” and a fourth agreed: "That’s a bit tight not giving him turning around in the road."

"OH COME ON NOW BRAD,” another commented, while someone else added: "The question was flawed.”

Despite his shaky start, Andy managed to build up £2,000 in the cashbuilder and ended up taking the lower offer of minus £1,000.

He made it through to the final and ended up competing alongside Donna in the last round for a cash prize of £6,000.

While the team built up a respectable 14 steps, Shaun was on good form and managed to catch them with plenty of time to spare.

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