The Chase’s Bradley Walsh gobsmacked as two contestants break record

19 August 2022, 10:47

Bradley Walsh stunned by record-breaking moment on The Chase

Bradley Walsh was left speechless after two contestants on The Chase made show history in the first round.

There has been a lot of excitement on The Chase this week after two contestants managed to break a record.

During Wednesday’s episode of the ITV show, Bradley Walsh was left shocked as both of the quizzers managed to bank £10,000 during the first round.

This time around Michael, Ross, Joel and Elizabeth took on Paul The Sinnerman Sinha in a bid to win some money.

Ross was the second contestant to bag £10,000
Ross was the second contestant to bag £10,000. Picture: ITV

And Michael was quick to impress when he managed to answer a whopping 10 questions correctly in his cash-builder round.

He decided to turn down The Sinnerman’s huge higher offer of £30,000 before sailing through to the final Chase with £10,000 under his belt.

Up next was Ross, who also managed to bank a whopping £10k in the cash-builder round, leaving Bradley and Paul stunned.

Almost speechless, Bradley said: "Well, I can't speak for any of the other Chasers, but that is definitely the first time two players have got ten or more in their cash-builders against me.

Bradley Walsh was stunned by The Chase contestants
Bradley Walsh was stunned by The Chase contestants. Picture: ITV

"So hang around until the end, I think I am going to need a nurse at the end of this session."

Ross also made it to the final, before Joel joined them at the table bringing their total to £25,000.

Despite a strong start, unfortunately Elizabeth was caught by Paul and kicked off the show.

But that didn’t stop the remaining contestants from getting an amazing 20 steps in front of Paul.

This put them in good stead and all their hard work paid off as they managed to push Paul back four times.

In a tense final few seconds, the impressive team ended up five steps in front of the Chaser when the timer ran out and won £25,000 to share between them.

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