The Chase fans furious over Bradley Walsh’s ‘unfair’ questions

14 July 2022, 08:13 | Updated: 14 July 2022, 15:01

The Chase viewers were angry at recent questions
The Chase viewers were angry at recent questions. Picture: ITV/Twitter

Viewers of The Chase were angered by the 'strange' questions asked to one contestant.

Fans of The Chase were furious this week when they accused bosses of asking ‘unfair’ questions.

During Tuesday's episode, contestant Fiona joined host Bradley Walsh in a bid to win against Chaser, Paul 'The Sinnerman' Sinha.

Things started out well when Fiona managed to build up £4,000 in the first round, but as she got stuck into the second round, the questions suddenly got very weird.

Bradley, 62, asked Fiona: "At what speed does Heinz tomato ketchup exit the traditional glass bottle?"

The Chase fans were annoyed about questions this week
The Chase fans were annoyed about questions this week. Picture: ITV

The possible answers were 0.028mph, 0.28mph or 2.8mph, and unfortunately Fiona went with the wrong answer 2.8mph.

Bradley went on to reveal the right answer was 0.028mph before going on to ask another strange question.

“How long can a wild warthog go without water?,” he said, and while Fiona picked the answer ‘several weeks’, the correct option was actually ‘several months’.

After watching the show, viewers were quick to complain on Twitter, with one person writing: "What's going on with the questions tonight? Warthogs and ketchup.”

"This is just a guessing game.. question setter needs sacking,” joked someone else, while a third person added: "Some absolutely honking questions on tonight’s episode.”

A fourth agreed: "#TheChase this lady is getting some really obscure questions??”

Unfortunately for Fiona, Paul managed to catch her and she didn’t make it through to the final round.

Later, Fiona’s remaining teammates - Roger, Jamal and Emma - had a good go at beating The Sinnerman and managed to build up 15 points.

But the trio failed to win the £21,000 they had built up and were beaten with just a few seconds to spare.