The Chase's Paul Sinha forced to explain 'unfair' question after fan backlash

18 May 2022, 10:51 | Updated: 18 May 2022, 11:34

Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

There has been lots of confusion over one particular question on Beat The Chasers this week.

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Paul Sinha has responded to viewer complaints over a question in the latest episode of Beat the Chasers.

The spin off show returned to screens earlier this week, and The Sinnerman and his co-stars went head-to-head against a brand new lineup of quizzers.

But one question caused controversy when Bradley Walsh asked: “What Patrick Swayze film became a West End musical?”

Paul quickly buzzed in to say ‘Dirty Dancing’, to which Bradley told him he was wrong and the correct answer was actually Ghost.

Paul Sinha has explained an 'unfair' question
Paul Sinha has explained an 'unfair' question. Picture: ITV

One person wrote on Twitter: "I'm surprised that question got through checks tbh. Dirty Dancing is a correct answer (unless I misheard some detail in the question).”

“Bit of a naughty question....Dirty Dancing was also a West End show #BeatTheChasers,” said someone else.

While a third added: “Both Ghost and Dirty Dancing have become musical shows on West End #beatthechasers.”

In a bid to explain what happened, Paul took to Twitter writing: "That was episode 1. When we're chasing the game, mistakes are made. But that Dirty Dancing/Ghost call was brutal.

"Just to clarify, the Swayze Q hadn't finished."

Bradley Walsh asked an 'unfair' question on Beat The Chasers
Bradley Walsh asked an 'unfair' question on Beat The Chasers. Picture: ITV

He then added: "There was going to be a year in the second part of the question."

There were plenty of other comments disagreeing with the outcome, as someone else wrote: "The musical question on #BeatTheChasers was that right? Surely Dirty Dancing was the answer? Confused.”

Another fan of the show added: "Was the Patrick Swayze Question Misleading? Chasers looked stunned after answering Dirty Dancing to the question, What Patrick Swayze film became a West End Musical? Bradley said Ghost. Either were correct. There was nothing in the question specific to Ghost. #beatthechasers."

With someone else agreeing: "Ooh they’re rattled! But I think that Swayze question was unfair. #BeatTheChasers," as another followed up: "Absolute uproar about the Patrick Swayze musical question! Was that question written incorrectly? I'm sure something went wrong there #BeatTheChasers."