Beat The Chasers fans baffled as Anne Hegerty is replaced

17 May 2022, 11:17 | Updated: 17 May 2022, 12:26

Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

Anne Hegerty was replaced on Beat The Chasers this week, with Issa Schultz taking her place.

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Beat The Chasers fans were left very confused last night when Anne Hegerty was replaced.

Her co-stars Mark Labbett, Shaun Wallace, Jenny Ryan, Paul Sinha and Darragh Ennis took on a new bunch of contestants.

But The Governess, 63, was noticeably missing, with host Bradley Walsh asking: "The Governess, where...what's the matter with The Governess? Anyone?"

Paul The Sinnerman then replied: "No one really knows where she is at the moment, but if anyone spots her, the public are warned not to approach under any circumstances."

Anne Hegerty was missing from Beat The Chasers
Anne Hegerty was missing from Beat The Chasers. Picture: ITV

Taking her place was The Chase Australia star Issa Schultz, aka Super Nerd, who made his debut on the show.

And it’s fair to say fans weren’t happy about Anne’s absence, with one Tweeting: "Just tuned into #BeatTheChasers ... WHERE IS ANNE?????"

"Missed the start #BeatTheChasers whos this new one and where’s Anne?,” said something else.

A third wrote: “I already miss the Governess!!!,” while a fourth asked: "Who’s this new guy!? Where’s Anne?"

A fifth added: “It’s not the same without The Governess #BeatTheChasers.”

Anne was forced to miss filming after she caught coronavirus and had to self-isolate when the spin off series was being filmed.

Issa Schultz replaced Anne Hegerty in Beat The Chasers
Issa Schultz replaced Anne Hegerty in Beat The Chasers. Picture: ITV

She told her fans at the time: "Unfortunately I’ve contracted Covid-19 so won’t be filming this series of #BeatTheChasers."

Before the show this week, Anne added: "Less than two hours until #BeattheChasers on ITV at 9pm! Exciting personnel change!"

As for Issa, he joined The Chase Australia in September 2015 and has been a regular ever since.

Issa is also an eight-time winner of the Australian Quizzing Championships and seven-time Pairs champion, as well as appearing on the Australian game show The Rich List in 2009 where he won $200,000 in 2009.

The 38-year-old has said he ‘dropped everything’ to fly from Brisbane to the UK after being asked to step in for Anne.