The Chase’s Mark Labbett reveals secret trick to help celebrities get questions right

11 May 2022, 07:30

The Chase: Mark Labbett grimaces as he's stumped over question


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Mark Labbett has revealed how The Chase bosses help celebrities when they are competing on the show.

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The Chase star Mark Labbett has opened up about spin-off show The Chase: Celebrity Special.

Kicking off back in 2011, the series sees four famous faces take on four different chasers in a bid to win money for charity.

But in the past, viewers have claimed the questions are easier for the celebrities than they would be for contestants on the main show.

And now Mark - aka The Beast - has said the show actually does have a trick to make sure stars can at least answer some questions correctly.

Mark Labbett has revealed a trick The Chase bosses use
Mark Labbett has revealed a trick The Chase bosses use. Picture: ITV

He said at the Oxford Union: "The celebs are not as good as they think they are.

"We give every celeb a piece of A4 and it is more or less saying 'Tell us what you know?'

"And it is only fair as if we beat them every time it would be a terrible show."

Bosses then put the stars up against a Chaser who isn't as confident in a topic that they have picked.

He continued: "We would rather them being asked about what they know. And the celebs pick the right Chaser.”

The Chase Celebrity spin off started back in 2011
The Chase Celebrity spin off started back in 2011. Picture: ITV

Giving an example, Mark explained they previously paired Jonathan Ross up with The Dark Destroyer Shaun Wallace, because he doesn’t know much about TV.

Mark added: "Jonathan Ross is a very bright man and an expert in certain cult areas.

"He likes his cult TV and Manga so they put Jonathan up against Shaun (Wallace) who does not watch telly."

Hosted by Bradley Walsh, Mark plays alongside fellow quiz masters Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha, Jenny 'The Vixen' Ryan and The Governess Anne Hegerty, as well as The Dark Destroyer, aka Shaun Wallace.

Newest member of the team is ‘The Menace’ Darragh Ennis who joined the show back in 2020.

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